Gold Fuses

Gold Fuses

Gold Fuses

Light the fuse.

Gold Fuses

Light the fuse.

The golden touch.

Listening to your favourite tunes or watching a TV show you love is part of your everyday life.

And you deserve to enjoy them without disruption. However, if you’re experiencing them with a generic plug fuse, chances are your enjoyment is being degraded.

With AMR Gold Fuses, your enjoyment will rise to another level!

Hear this.

Generic fuses only have one job – to act as a safety cut-out once the electrical current passing through it exceeds safety levels.

AMR Gold Fuses are different.

Not only will they keep your devices safe, but they also:

  • Add fuller body and better definition to your audio
  • Reduce electrical distortion
  • Extend dynamic range

You’ll never blow a fuse over poor audio quality again.

Picture that.

AMR Gold Fuses not only improve audio, but they also enhance the performance of your TV screen too, which means you’ll enjoy your favourite shows and movies with:

  • Sharper picture definition
  • Richer colours
  • Blacker blacks
  • Massively reduced picture “noise”

Can a fuse really do that?

Yes, it can.

In a nutshell, the AMR Gold Fuse is a reference replacement fuse for all electronic products. Audio and visual products from amplifiers to LCD televisions will attain a higher level of performance as the power supply chain is no longer “degraded” by running the electricity through a compromised, mass produced fuse.

The power of gold.

With AMR Gold Fuses added to your home entertainment devices, you’ll never use a generic fuse again.


  1. Ceramic body: anti-resonant, to eliminate microphonic issues. The traditional glass body will resonate and impart its own undesirable sonic/visual signature on the audio or visual system.
  2. High-Grade silver alloy wire: eliminate microphonic issues, low inductance and reduced power degradation issues, non-spiral design. AMR likens the degradation to using a low-cost volume control found in many CD players and amplifiers which with its carbon/steel contacts will significantly spoil the delicate signal that passes through. A fuse wire made from silver alloy was found to be the most effective at preserving the mains electricity.
  3. Special Non-Magnetic, Gold-plated, copper end-caps: best electrical transfer and over time, gold will not oxidise like silver, hence maximum long-term reliability. The end caps are copper, the highest quality material to use for end-caps. It is worth noting that pure silver is too soft for this application and will oxidise over time which further degrades the sound quality. Therefore, gold-plated copper end-caps are the most reliable and best performing.
  4. Multi-pack, unrivalled performance and system impact. Many audio/visual components comprise of more than one fuse in the mains electrical chain. With 3 fuses per pack, at least one component, if not more, may enjoy the benefit of the AMR Gold Fuse. At the world-wide recommended retail price, the performance-to-price ratio is simply, unsurpassed, which is the attribute of AMR products.


Design Silver alloy fuse wire, non-spiral, low inductance
Body Shock resistant, anti-resonant ceramic body
End Caps Special non-magnetic, Gold-plated copper end caps
Size 5 x 20mm/0.2″ x 0.75″ (EU)
6.3 x 32mm/0.25″ x 1.25″ (US)
6.4 x 25mm/0.25″ x 0.98″ (UK)
Amperage Values
EU 0.125A / 0.25A / 0.5A / 1A / 1.6A / 2A / 3.15A / 5A / 6.3A / 8A / 10A / 15A
US 0.5A / 1A / 1.6A / 2A / 3.15A / 5A / 6.3A / 8A / 10A / 15A / 20A
UK 3A / 13A
Fast-Blow US 2.5A / 4A
Weight (shipped) Box of 3 fuses 35 grams
Size (shipped) 7.1 cm x 5.1 cm x 2.5 cm



AMR Music Fuse review HiFi ES

Reviewer M. Castro put a number of other fuses up against the AMR Gold Music Fuse and reported the sonic impact upon his Kora Cosmos Valve monoblocks; “Overall, the sound of my steps with fuses AMR is less aggressive, more defined, detailed and natural sounding … come much better …”…” I strongly recommend you test, you have little to lose and everything to gain.” Further evidence that the AMR Gold Fuse is making its own waves in the audio sector.

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