Stirring sounds.

The AM-777 will rock your world. It brings life and soul back to your music and with it’s brushed aluminium chassis, the AM-777 not only sounds good, it looks good too.

AMR CD-777
A league of its own.

The CD-777 Compact Disk Processor produces timeless, engaging audio, reminiscent of analogue audio. Able to play compact disks and computer audio to the highest level, without compromise, and future-proofed for many years to come, the CD-777 can only be an AMR.

AMR DP-777
High definition redefined.

The DP-777 Digital Processor has the same, unparalleled DNA as every other AMR component but with extraordinary digital advancements never seen before in any converter. Two chipsets, Zero Jitter Mode and Global Master Timing – it is a technical magnum opus delivering an enchanting and pulsating performance.