IC-77 & IC-777

IC-77 & IC-777

IC-77 & IC-777

Rebel. Rebel.

IC-77 & IC-777

Rebel. Rebel.

The rebel alliance.

Some things are born to rebel – like our IC-77 & IC-777 interconnection cables, for example.

Generic cables add hiss, noise and distortion to your audio, the ICs buck that trend.

Character building.

The IC-77 & 777 cables don’t add their own character to your tunes, but bring out the full character of the music itself. They remove the hiss and distortion you’ll find in other electrical cables.

From a sonic point of view, they convey the full sonic spectrum of the music from the most silent passages through to the loudest kettle drum.

Which means your music flows in crystal clear high definition.

The tech spec.

There’s a lot packed into the IC-77 & 777s, including:

  • Zero screen technology – to reject external interference
  • Solid-core silver-plated copper conductors – to eliminate distortion
  • FEP insulation – to remove dielectric absorption

It’s clear to see how music never sounded better.

Rebel with a cause.

For too long, audio has been plagued by hiss and distortion. The IC-77 & 777s remove this irritating pest and allow you to listen once again in clarity you never thought possible.


The AMR interconnection cables are hand-crafted and have three unique elements:

OptiScreen® technology which is AMR’s proprietary inductance cancelling construction. OptiScreen® provides dynamic elimination of radio frequency interference/noise (RFI), thereby cancelling any interference with nearby interconnect cables/equipment. Furthermore, the unique geometric construction combining AMR’s Oxygen Free High conductivity Copper (OFHC) cable with OptiScreen® further allows AMR’s cables to reject common mode high-frequency noise with nil current limiting effects.

At the heart of the AMR Interconnection Cable is Oxygen Free High conductivity Copper (OFHC) which is classed as C10100 under the ASTM system. This certifies that the copper is 99.99% pure with only a 0.0005 percent oxygen content. This is the highest quality of copper available and should come as no surprise that it is also the most expensive. In terms of sonic difference, our listening tests concluded that OFHC is significantly more natural and transparent than Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) which is turn, is much better than the most commonly used Electro Tough Pitch Copper (ETPC).

Hand-selected connectors and materials. The RCA and XLR connectors were selected only after extensive auditioning. It should come as no surprise that the professional Neutrik brand of connectors came top and was selected.

At AMR the overriding objective is the design and manufacture of interconnection (and power) cables that allow the music to through from the deftness to the slam; it should neither add nor detract. This is a somewhat different design philosophy to other aftermarket cables that impart a sonic footprint/restriction on the system.

We ask that you take the listening test and let us know your sonic findings to see if our range of cables are deserving of the AMR label.


Insulation High purity extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction x5 micro circular
Material 70 microns extruded silver over 99.99999% OFHC
Capacitance 8.9pF/ft
Inductance 0.13uH/ft
Propagation Delay 95% speed of light

Connectors (RCA)

Construction 2-section clamping sleeve in ruthenium finish
Material Special copper alloy with 24 carat nickel-free gold-plated

Connectors (XLR)

Construction Totally distortion-free (no eddy currents)
Material 50 microns silver plated over special copper alloy