Music + Heart = Love


Music + Heart = Love

Make your heart soar.

Without speakers, music at home is nothing. And even if you own a standard set of speakers, chances are they won’t make your heart skip a beat when your favourite track reaches its peak.

With the LS-77, your music will soar – and so will your heart.

The tech spec.

The sleek look of the LS-77 is complemented with some stylish additions, including:

  • A Custom-made Isoplanner Tweeter
  • Teflon Signal Wiring
  • Copper Foil Inductors
  • Film Foil Capacitors

The artistry that goes into creating the LS-77 harks back to the attention to detail of old, and the superior sound it produces shows that all that hard work has paid off.

Feel everything.

With extraordinary Bass and Treble, combined with an elegant look and dynamic soundstage, the LS-77 speakers not only pack a musical punch but an emotional one too.

Music is vivacious, vibrant and real – making you feel you’re at a live event, and all the wonderful emotions that go with it.



Sensitivity (2.83V/1m in room) 87 dB
Long Term Power Handling (AES/RMS) 150 watt
Peak Program Power Handling 600 watt
Impedance, nominal 8 ohm
Impedance, minimal 6 ohm
Frequency Response (in IEC Standard Room) 26Hz – 40kHz (+/-3dB)
Directivity Index (DI) 500-10KHz 6dB (+/-3dB)
Low Frequency Driver 24.3cm/10in diameter, 10cm/4in diameter voice coil
High Frequency Driver 12cm/5in long isoplanar ribbon
Crossover AMR OptiSlope® design (60 dB/octave)
Bass Enclosure Principle Transmission Line Port ®
Dimensions (each of a pair) 10in W by 19in H by 12in D,
25cm W by 49cm H by 31cm D
Weight Speaker (each) 77 lbs/ 35 kg
Shipped (pair) 255 lbs/ 116 kg


HiFi+: LS-77 Review

AMR AM777 CD777

One of the most distinguished reviewers in the U.K. press, Mr Paul Messenger had some very complimentary things to say about the LS-77s: “Both the bass and treble extremes work very well, but the midband is the most important bit. Here the LS-77 demonstrates seamless transition from one driver to the other, exceptional overall coherence, and very superior stereo imaging, so much so that the steep slope filters used in the crossover seem to be entirely positive, while their inevitable complexity didn’t seem to be any impediment to the sound quality.”….”Though certainly costly, it’s also quite discreet and very elegant.

Good set-up flexibility and a fine ability to distinguish between the various components and accessories with which it is used suggests its Reference Class Professional Monitor tag is entirely appropriate.” We would like to formally thank Mr Messenger and HiFi+ for such an insightful and wonderful audition of the LS-77.

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