About AMR

We’re AMR, an audio tech company who produce audio products that have revolutionised the way people listen to music.

Our team, like you, are music lovers, but they grew tired of listening to their favourite artists on devices that degraded sound.

There had to be a way of stripping out background noise from speakers and cables – and they found it.

It was time for the noise demons responsible for poor quality audio to be taken to task. And AMR was here to do it.

Our story.

The AMR team got together in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2006 when the breath-taking 77 series was unleashed that AMR launched fully to the public.

Free from the shackles of development, we released:

  • DACs
  • Phono Stages
  • Line Stages
  • Speakers
  • CD Players
  • Cables

And more.

We fought audio demons and banished them.

We were the saviours of audio hell.

We noticed the shift from static audio devices to smaller, portable ones – so we created our sister company iFi audio, so listeners could enjoy live quality audio on the go.

We were roaring like a beast but need to fuel the portable fire!

So, AMR decided to step out of the spotlight for a while…

We’re Back!

In 2023, AMR returns with a whole new range of audio products.

We may have been away, but we haven’t been idle. Our new range will launch in mid 2023 and will burn away the distortion invading your audio like never before, and giving you an out of this world listening experience.

So, we have one thing to say to you?

Are you ready to blast off?