Terms & Conditions

AMR guarantees that this AMR product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of:

1 year for parts and labour (please confirm with your local dealer)
180 days for thermionic electron valves(tubes)

The warranty period begins at the date of retail sale by an authorized AMR distributor/dealer and is subject to the following requirements and understandings:

  1. It is the responsibility of the buyer within 30 days from the original sale, to register and activate the product warranty with the AMR distributor in the country of purchase AND register with AMR headquarters either online/post/telephone.
  2. The original invoice or photocopy must be produced for authentication prior to any warranty claim.
  3. The AMR product must not have been modified in any manner whatsoever, or the warranty will immediately become void. Thermionic electron valves (tubes) swapping (tube rolling) is considered to be an unauthorised modification, hence will void the warranty.
  4. The warranty is only valid in the country of original sale.
  5. The warranty is non- transferable.
  6. The product must not have been stored in a humid environment; nor subjected to weather, water, or saltwater spray.
  7. AMR and or its agents shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the loss of property or other damage or losses due to the failure of an AMR product. AMR and its agents are not liable for loss of use or inconvenience caused by the failure of an AMR product. AMR and its agents are not liable for damage caused to other audio components because of the failure of an AMR product.
  8. During the warranty period, AMR will repair the product to working order, or, at AMR’s option, replace the defective module with a similar available product.
  9. All repairs performed after expiry of the warranty period will be charged to the owner and will carry a 60-day warranty on parts and labour.
  10. The customer is responsible for shipping the unit to the AMR distributor in the original flight case/packaging. This includes the payment of any shipping charges and related taxes.
  11. Should any warranty issues arise, the decision of AMR headquarters is full and final.

Important Note: AMR will not automatically honour the warranty AMR products sold through third parties as we are usually unable to verify the service history of such a machines.