OptiOperation® modes

The AM-77 has not only exceptional form but also incomparable functionality. The operating sensitivity and impedance of mainstream speakers vary widely (typically from 80dB to 95dB and 4 ohm to 16 ohm). Add to this the popularity of bi- or even tri-amplification for suitably-equipped speakers, AMR has appreciated that there is no single system configuration that suits all or even most needs.

With diverse system permutations in mind, the AM-77 has built-in, six OptiOperation®modes to seamlessly integrate it into virtually any audio system configuration:

  • Dual-Mono stereo amplifier mode

  • Dual-Mono mono-block bi-amplifier mode

  • ual-Mono mono-block amplifier mode

  • Power stereo amplifier mode

  • Power bi-amplifier mode

  • Power mono-block amplifier mode
The combination of synchronising multiple AM-77s together (in practical terms the numbers are limited only by room size and cost) allows for systems of superb quality to be assembled to any level of complexity.

One might use three synchronised AM-77s and a modern high-quality digital crossover to provide a system to drive a fully actively driven 3-Way speaker system to the highest possible level of quality. Or be it the use of three AM-77s synchronised for a multi-channel surround sound system or the use of two AM-77s synchronised in mono-block bi-amplification mode to drive suitably equipped speakers. The AM-77's flexibility is limited only to that of the imagination.

With the growing ubiquity of home theatre, it is increasingly more commonplace that home theatre and 2-channel systems exist in close proximity or side by side. With this in mind, the AM-77 can allow its superior sonic performance to be also enjoyed by the home theatre system. By selecting the "Home Theatre Direct" mode, the AM-77 will effortlessly blend itself into a complete home theatre set-up. The sonic performance of the home theatre system can then be raised to that of the existing 2-channel music system.







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