OptiClockLock® system

Conventional compact disk players use several generic clock crystals (such as one for each of the DAC, transport and micro controller). Looking more upmarket, even so called "super-clocks" are of a mediocre commercial grade that is not that much better than generic clocks when it comes to low jitter performance.

These clocks all have one further weakness; they all generate signals that out of synch with one another. The result is unwanted beat frequencies and higher overall digital noise, which combined, result in increased jitter levels.

Regarding CD source clock crystals, there is a disingenuous perpetuation of the viewpoint that in terms of absolute frequency (usually specified as the deviation in ppm - parts per million) "high precision is good". In fact, rather than the absolute frequency precision, it is the phase noise of the clock that creates jitter, which is why this should be the key parameter of a clock crystal's sonic performance.

In reality, it is relatively easy (i.e. low cost) to make a clock crystal with high precision (<0.5ppm). However making a clock crystal with low phase noise (jitter) is much more difficult (i.e. expensive). Perhaps this why the aftermarket so call"super-clocks" often quote the former and omit this latter, more relevant specification.

Just as importantly, the use of more than one clock (even a "super clock") if it is not synchronised to generate a master clock signal, will mean that the issue of all clocks being out-of-synch with one another has still not been addressed. Again, this leaves the other major source of jitter unresolved.

The OptiClockLock®system means that all the clocks in the CD-77 are purposely synchronized to one temperature-compensated, low-jitter master clock module. This clock module with its dedicated power supply, boasts noise performance at the limits of what is physically possible.

Further, this master clock unlike other clocks, does not uncharacteristically change frequency as the temperature changes because it was constructed to strict military rather than lax commercial standards. With a class-leading level of low phase-noise, it comprehensively
outperforms all other clocks.

Block Diagram illustrating AMR's unique OptiClockLock circuitry in the CD-77 CD-Player

The true uniqueness of the OptiClockLock®system becomes clear if one considers that the only other system which has a similarly sophisticated clock system is the K2®XRCD®studio mastering system by JVC®.


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