Hand-selected, premium electronic components

With AMR components, unusually, the closer examination, the more significant is the appreciation of the degree of commitment to the product and the level of attention to the smallest details. Not only is there an exceptionally high quality of the fundamental design and of general implementation, but also the quality of components has been given the same, undivided attention.

Beyond the immediately recognizable New Old Stock thermionic electron valves and premium film capacitors for audio signal duties, AMR components were chosen only after they came through a specially designed and rigorous "audio circuit test bed."

After extensive testing of the digital sections, the latest and most technologically advanced X2Y surface mount capacitors and special PPS surface mount film capacitors (PPS is a near replacement for polystyrene with similar qualities) were selected for lowest inductance. Other specialist capacitors such as Sanyo OSCONs were also used in digital sections to guarantee the lowest noise. In the analogue sections, German-made Mundorf premium film capacitors, top-grade Elna Silmic and low impedance capacitors are abundant, as are AMR's own film capacitors.

The extensive use of "zero switching noise" schottky diodes as well as a wide range of optimised bypass and transient noise snubber capacitors should not normally warrant a mention. However these are notably absent from otherwise excellent designs elsewhere.

Less obvious but just as crucial, to carry the delicate analogue audio signal between sections, expensive FEP Teflon insulated cable was selected as it was found to be the most effective at maintaining the integrity of the analogue audio signal.

Even the underpinning was not overlooked as AMR printed circuit boards are designed and manufactured to ultra high-speed RF and military standards which are much more stringent than audio industry specifications. Compared with peer components, the base of an AMR printed circuit board is significantly stronger, the copper tracks are not only 200% of the thickness commonly employed but are gold-plated for lowest resistance and long-term signal integrity. With the resultant advanced damping, superior conductivity and minimal resistance, the prima bugbear of printed circuit boards, circuit introduced noise, has been for all intent and purposes, eliminated.




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