OptiIsolate® supports

One of AMR's core philosophies is to ensure that its components have no single "weak link". For a long time many audio enthusiasts have been aware of the effects on the sound by the various supports equipment is placed upon, what kind of "feet" are used under equipment and so on and so forth. In fact, a significant subculture has sprung up around this. The aim was to isolate AMR equipment maximally from the resonances in the supporting stand or shelf, while keeping the principles of simplicity and utility in mind.

Having tested a large number of different types of supports, the OptiIsolate®supports integrated into the feet of AMR equipment were drawn from the aerospace industry (where vibration standards are significantly more stringent) and provide serious isolation from resonance simply by setting the equipment down on a level and reasonably rigid (given the weight) surface. In fact, OptiIsolate®supports are over 10 times more effective in isolating and dissipating vibration energy when compared to natural rubber to ensure vibration free isolation and decoupling for the machined from solid aluminium, near 30 kg chassis.


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