OptiChassis® design

Beyond the gorgeous extruded and machined outer aluminium chassis, less obvious key design variables resulted in sonic as well as aesthetic gains.

First, with AMR’s OptiChassis®design, the "ratio aureum" (Phi or the golden ratio, first used by the ancient Greeks) was employed in the design of the chassis. Compared to conventional designs, this approach is visually more alluring and offers a much reduced resonance signature, a major concern of any competent chassis design. The application of "ratio aureum" spreads the unavoidable resonance modes away from each other so there is no reinforcement of any particular resonance mode to lead to strong colorations.

Second, beneath the outer chassis and in between internal sections, pure solid copper plates were sandwiched to ensure the most effective electrical shielding properties and to minimise resonance. Different materials resonate at different frequencies, hence the use of different layering materials resulted in resonance again being spread and reduced significantly.

The fact is that having "left no stone unturned" AMR’s OptiChassis®has been designed to play its fundamental role to contribute to the bewitching sound.


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