OptiTrans® hand-made, proprietary design transformers

The power transformer of the audio equipment is usually the most compromised due to its being the single most expensive component. Due to this fact, the downstream power supply and audio chain (remember, an amplifier is actually a valve to let more or less current flow from the power supply into the load) is ultimately compromised unless it has the highest quality mains transformer section at the outset.

AMR has taken a contrarian approach by ensuring this section is no less impressively designed and executed than any other subsequent section. With this in mind, AMR's hand-made, in-house designed OptiTrans®Double C-Core transformer offers truly unrivalled performance.

First, its extreme low-flux leakage is perfect for audio circuitry design, avoiding noise radiation into adjacent equipment or into onboard circuitry. This eliminates the need for a separately placed power supply section to reduce noise.

Second, AMR transformers are not machine-spun, but hand-wound using methods drawn from the most exacting industrial and military fields and use sonically superior materials such as specially selected grain-orientated silicon steel.

Third, several design parameters in the transformers have been adjusted to optimise the resilience of the transformer to problems in the quality of the incoming mains voltage, especially when combined with the OptiMains®pre-conditioning.

Due to this uncompromising approach AMR's OptiTrans®transformers are less cost-effective as they carry a considerable pricing and weight premium over the more commonly found solutions.

The fact that they are of course custom wound in small batches for a sonic quality far superior to off the shelf components produced in the tens of thousands further adds to the cost premium.



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