OptiSample® digital engine

Earlier, it was explained that the digital and analogue filters of the Philips TDA1541A are externally placed. This has allowed AMR to uniquely combine the best of the classic with the latest, through the incorporation of the most advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine from Texas Instruments to perform the function of the digital filter.

AMR appreciates that "no one sound fits all" because not only do personal tastes in sound reproduction vary, but also with recordings - the digital processing and mastering stages often differ from one record company to another and often even between different pressing plants of the same company.

With the exceptional digital-to-analogue foundation in place, the OptiSample®; digital engine using the most advanced Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip, allows six different sampling settings - from Direct Master without any digital filtering/processing or using our proprietary analogue filter, two and four times oversampling, all the way to upsampling to 96 and 192 KHz.

Indeed, this is all executed with no compromise to user-friendliness: a single button on the RC-77 remote commander controls the different modes. Thus, the listener may easily and quickly select whichever Digital Signal Processing meshes best with the original recording and suits his or her personal preferences.


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