AMR launched its 77 reference class range of products to the Taiwan market at the 2009 Taiwan HiFi Show.
This Show was held from 18th to 22nd December at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan. Perennially, this is the second most important audio Show on the Taiwan audio calendar.

As one would expect in a small country with a total population of 22.92 million people (equivalent to one-third of the UK’s population), this Show does not rely on 2 channel audio alone and as a result, is combined with the two most popular audio topics, the high-end audio (on 5th-6th floor) & karaoke (on 2nd floor)! Suffice to say, AMR has no plans to launch karaoke products despite our lengthy experience with professional audio and studio recording equipment!
AMR’s distributor for Taiwan is the family-owned and run "Shin Pao Co.". Shin Pao exhibited the AMR equipment in room 665 which comprised of:

- AMR Reference Class Compact Disk Processor CD-77
- AMR Reference Class Pre-Main Amplifiers AM-77 (Stereo and Bi-Amp modes)
- Quad EL-2905 Electrostatic Speakers / Dali Helicon-800 Speakers
- Cabling was by AMR (ICs and power cords) and Supra Sword (bifilar litz speaker cables)

This is the first time that AMR has been paired by with electrostatic speakers at a Show and judging by the comments from visitors and feedback to from our distributor, we can say that we were most pleased with the ability of the AMR system to drive demanding , yet transparent speakers to produce a vivid, effortless sound that punched far above its price point.

The music played for the Taiwanese audiophile market was across the range: jazz, male/female vocals from operatic to folk, chamber music and classical concertos. As with other Shows, quite a few visitors brought their personal CD's for serious auditioning, which we most welcome at all shows around the globe.

A summary of the comments from listeners are as follows:

- The CD-77 source, with an AM-77 driving Quad/Dali speakers, the music was to a reference standard as it was accurate, effortless and above all, enjoyable.
- Through the Quad electrostatic speakers, the main comments were that of a tranquil background, “air” with a vast soundstage which entranced listeners with its ease and comfort.

- Through the Dali Helicon-800 speakers, listeners noted comparatively more focus, a precise 3D soundstage with better dynamics and tonal accuracy that was very surprising indeed.

 For the CD-77, most listeners preferred playback through “Digital Master II Mode” which offered a top to bottom bandwidth with rich tones, all in all, a very impressive, vinyl like approach which was atypical of most high-end CD sources.

From the anecdotal evidence, our distributor estimated that visitors were down some 30%-40% year-on-year as a direct result of the global economic malaise which has also affected Taiwan. Despite this, our room received at least 100 visitors per day which would put many a European (especially UK shows) Show to shame.

Given that the Taiwan High-End audio market is very brand-oriented (as is often the case in Asia) AMR and its affiliates will leave no stone unturned to commence the demonstration of its "ultra-fi" products in 2009.


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