AMR in Teo Cable Room at Montreal Show

The 23rd Salon Son & Image high-fidelity show, co-sponsored by Stereophile, took place in Montreal's Hilton Bonaventure over the weekend of 26th–28th March 2010.

There were some 80-90 exhibitors and the estimated total number of visitors was 8,000-10,000.

In addition to Apple’s exhibiting audio-friendly software and the brand new iPad, it was nice to see the organisers think of the next generation by offering children under the age of 12 free admission without charge. In addition, some 2000 free tickets were distributed to local colleges and universities to encourage generation “iPod” to attend.

We certainly take our hats off to this kind of enterprise and wish that other audio show organisers around the world would take notice of the initiative shown by their Canadian counterpart.

AMR was invited to exhibit in the Teo Cables room by Brian Kurtz from Teo Cables.
Sing Over Room
Source: Teo Cables
Source: Teo Cables
Having first met at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show in 2009, AMR and Avatar Acoustics (AMR USA/Canada) have since continued to co-operate closely, appreciating each other’s designs.

In the Teo Cables room, Avatar Acoustics sent up the AMR CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor and Dr Feickert Analogue Blackbird Turntable.

Source: Magazine Audio of Canada

We came across the following glowing comment by Art Dudley from Stereophile:

“On a number of occasions I've heard the CD-77 CD player from Abbingdon Music Research sound wonderful: organic, textured, and altogether analogish. Today was no exception, as proven by the latest 77.1 version of the AMR player ($9995), distributed in the US by Avatar Acoustics.”

As AMR was not in attendance, the following is a show synopsis by Brian Kurtz from Teo Cables (many thanks Brian):

WONDERFUL NEWS for Teo Audio at the Salon Son et Image in Montreal last week!

Our sound was magnificent! Our analog playback system included Chris Feickert’s new Blackbird turntable with the very underrated Denon 103R cartridge, feeding a superb MACTONE XX-305 phono preamp.

Our digital front end was what has become “the usual;” AMR’s glorious CD-77, by distributor Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics.

Darren also provided our much-needed room correction resonators from Acoustic Systems International. The rest of the system – all of course cabled out with Teo Audio’s Reference interconnects and The Standard speaker cables – washed our souls with note after emotional note over for four days.

Source: Teo Cables

a proud and joyous Ken Hotte, Teo Audio’s brilliant designer and inventor of the whole liquid metal alloy concept as applied to audio, video, and digital cables. Behind him, pulling out the next outstanding LP, is the indispensable Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics, without whom our sound would have been short of its potential.

We featured either the MACTONE flagship-level XX-3000 preamplifier with MACTONE’s special-production-for-our-show KT-88-based MS-88 amplifier or KR Audio’s Kronzilla SXi integrated amplifier; a “backwards hybrid” design implementing solid state input and driver sections with KR’s own massive 1610 output tubes. The 1610s provide 50-watts/channel of triode magic. The sheer size of these tubes generated such a buzz around the show that people were bringing their friends by just to show them the world’s largest output tubes!

a good look at the system again, from the listening position, as well as a good look at our MACTONE sign, created by Teo Audio Senior Partner, Taras Kowalczyszyn

Source: Teo Cables

At the end of the signal path were, early on, Teo Audio’s own Runa “orange” loudspeakers (which proved too powerful for our smallish 11 x 19 room), then (for Days 2 through 4) the Runa “Lucia” models. The Lucias are a diminutive MTM two-way speaker that is “small but mighty.” The Lucias, with their Liquid Cable speaker-to-outboard-crossover tails, impressed EVERYONE with their lifelike dynamics, magnificent disappearing act, and high-reality sound. These incredible speakers achieve what I’ve never heard another speaker accomplish at any price – electrostatic realism with true-to-life dynamics of a cone speaker.

Regardless of the type of music played – from Copeland to ZZ Top to Mavis Staples to Greg Brown to Creedence Clearwater Revival -- The sheer REALITY of it all had feet tapping, heads bouncing, and mouths wide open.

The sound was, from Day One forward STUNNING. When the MACTONE preamp and amplifier were playing we heard a slightly forward but exciting presentation which never lacked for power and control down low, and a top end that let us all know the value of these fine products built by legendary Mr. Yamamoto from Japan for over 45 years. When the Kronzilla SXi was in place the tone relaxed a bit and added perhaps a bit more timbral richness, and the bass, while not as deep and powerful, was still mesmerizing in its own right.

Hundreds of people came into the room – dealers, distributors, end users and members of the audio media.  One thing was obvious throughout, regardless of who came through our room….Everyone was IMPRESSED with our sound!

Many simply melted into their seats when seats were available, while others stood motionless during the music when forced to stand. Our room was always crowded, from early each morning until late into each day.  We owe those large visitor numbers to those manufacturers who so graciously provided for us their components which so beautifully complemented each other, and whose excellence was brought forth with our Teo Audio Liquid Cables and Teo Audio Runa loudspeakers.

A shot of enthralled female listeners with Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics (far right of course!)

Source: Teo Cables

All in all a MAGNIFICENT show for us.

Below are some photos of the room!

Jerome Fragman of Plurison, a high-end distributor in Canada

Source: Teo Cables
Albert Porter (AudioGon) with Darren Censullo

Source: Teo Cables

the view from the listening seat…most visitors were too busy listening with eyes closed to notice!

Source: Teo Cables

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME BY OUR ROOM, and thanks, too, to all of our manufacturers for all of their warmth and enthusiastic support!

We would also like to THANK Brian Kurtz and the Teo Cables team for not only inviting us again into their room but also contributing such a well-written and enthusiastic show report.

Thank you chaps!


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