Le salon Haute Fidelite Show Report

Planes, Trains and Automobiles and the AMR Juggernaut

16th-17th October 2010

AMR and its UK distributor: Select Audio were invited by Aphrodite's Melody (AMR France's new distributor) to the Le salon Haute Fidelite Show at the Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel in Paris.

Despite an arduous round-trip journey from Charles De Gaulle airport by rail, underground to the Mariott in the centre of Paris and a similarly tricky return trip including a lengthy taxi ride back to the airport, due to the petrol blockades; AMR and Select Audio managed to meet up with Costas Kekemenis of Aphrodite's Melody.
Photo: Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel Photo: The grand lobby of the Marriott

The show was held over 16th and 17th October 2010. The entry price was EUR10.

We were quite surprised to find that the Salon HiFi Home Cinema Show was held only ONE WEEK prior to the Le salon Haute Fidelite Show in Paris. Inevitably, this caused the attendees to be spread more thinly at both shows. Coupled with the blockade of petrol facilities (service stations and airports), then the estimated number of attendees at 600-700 was to be expected.
Notwithstanding, as Aphrodite's Melody was in one of the largest rooms, we were impressed by the prestigious names also being distributed. We were more than glad to meet and greet Costas Kekemenis' very good friends:

Jean-Marc Habit, the Chief Editor and Owner of Haute Fidelite magazine

Dominique Mafrand of Haute Fidelite magazine

Julien Pelchat of Verity Loudspeakers

Matthieu Latour of Nagra

And Aphrodite Melody's numerous dealers that helped out and visited the Aphrodite's Melody room.
Photo: The main system in the Aphrodite’s Melody room
With LP being in heavy rotation, on the wall of the Aphrodite's melody room were numerous classics pressings with a brief overview of each. A vinyl education, indicative of the strong culture that exists in France.
Photo: Aphrodite's Melody room with short history of well-known LP pressings...
Photo: ...these LPs can't wait to be played through the PH-77
Photo: Customers checking out the AMR equipment
AMR was on exhibit and attracted its fair share of attendees (reviews of the 777 series in Haute Fidelite magazine coming soon…)
With the prestigious Nagra amplification, Kuzma turntable, Nagra phono stage and Verity Amadis loudspeakers (same as those used recently at the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall) the sound was seriously seductive. FullAphroditeRoom
Photo: A full Aphrodite's Melody room
Photo: Quite a few software vendors wooing attendees, photo courtesy of Haute Fidelite
We managed to browse through the software on display and purchased Lou Reed: Transformer, an original mastering and Lynrd Skynrd: Second Helping both on CD. Great show demo material for sure.
In the evening, we took the short walk to Apollo, a very nice restaurant that served excellent food.
Photo: Jean-Marc Habit (left) Editor and Owner of Haute Fidelite with Costas Kekemenis of Aphrodite's Melody
Photo: Julien Pechat of Verity Audio
On the whole, this was the first time we visited the Le salon Haute Fidelite show and came away impressed by the attentive attendees, great food and great company. The camaraderie of the exhibitors was also very impressive too. Just a shame the two competing shows could not merge and make it a much larger show! (one hopes…)

Thanks again to Aphrodite's Melody and let's hope that next year, the show is bigger and the journey is less arduous!


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