Guangzhou Show Report

3rd-5th September 2010, White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou

The LS-77s Wooed by Models and Attendees Alike…
AMR attended the annual China A/V Show held in the magnificent White Swan Hotel in the centre of Guangzhou. The show ran for 3 days from the 3rd to 5th September. Compared to prior years, the show date was brought forward by almost 2 months because of the Asian Games as they would have clashed.

Avantgarde Hong Kong, AMR China/Hong Kong distributor had three AMR-based systems on show in the main ballroom. A further system featured AMR electronics in an upstairs bedroom suite.

The three main systems in the Ballroom were:

System 1: AMR system with 3 x AM-77, 1 x CD-77, 1 x PH-77 with the Nottingham Analogue turntable, and 2 pairs of LS-77 alternating with Kiso Acoustics HB-2
AV Show system1
Photo: System 1 – AMR

System 2: AMR CD-77 (and at times AM-77) was also playing at system 2, YG Acoustic's new Carmel Speakers and Constellation amplification.
AV Show system1
Photo: System 2 – here with the AMR AM-77 driving the new Carmel speakers from YG Acoustics

There was also a third system featuring the AMR CD-77 and PH-77 as sources, playing with Avantgarde Amplification and Speakers.

The most important development was that AMR received at the show, the Best Digital Player 2010 Award from Super AV Magazine.

AV Show system1
Photo: AGHK

Another positive review in this part of the world means AMR continues to make headway in the highly prestigious luxury audio segment.

Live music remains the benchmark and AG HK organised for China's famous Chinese clarinet player, Mr YaZhi Guo to play live along with his CD recording. Needless to say, close, but no cigar. Nevertheless, we will continue trying to recreate the perfect live event.

AV Show system1
Photo: Mr YaZhi Guo playing his Chinese clarinet

Upstairs, in a bedroom suite, Premier HiFi, Chinese Distributor for J.C. Verdier, Viva and Omega acoustics among others, chose the AMR CD-777 as source in their system.

Photo: The Premier Sysrtem with CD-777 as source
Present to a much larger degree than we are used to from hifi shows in Europe and America were local Chinese music labels. Their rooms offered a very large collection of software and often along with high quality playback gear, managed to woo the attendees…exhibitors take note, software never fails to attract at shows.

Photo: The room of one music label
Overall, attendance was down by 10%-20% from last year's 20,000 or so visitors. The two main reasons cited were first, very heavy rain over the first two days and second, the change of date was very significant and many attendees were unaware of the much earlier date.

Nonetheless, as is typical with the fanatical audio devotes in this part of the world, the show was still a roaring success as evidenced by the packed rooms during the show.

AV Show system1
Photo: another packed AG HK demonstration

The music played was generally classical, jazz and Chinese audiophile tracks.

As is the case, excellent food is to be found whenever AG HK is the host. On the first evening of the show, AG HK held a gargantuan evening banquet with 15 tables no less, what a feast: AMR, Pioneer, YG Acoustics, Constellation Audio, Ologe all attended. AG HK also invited its dealers and press along to this sumptuous feast.

Needless to say, the food was fit for royalty as the menu consisted of: Roasted Suckling Pig, Steamed Garoupa (fish), abalone & scallops, Chinese roasted chicken, fried rice and noodles with red bean soup for desert. To say it was delicious was a major understatement. The many local Chinese lagers were not bad either.

On the final day of the show, a customer approached AG HK and AMR requesting a special demonstration of the LS-77 after he had heard them at an earlier presentation. After 5 minutes of listening and taking an unnerving amount of pictures with our technical director, Mr Thorsten Loesch, he asked to purchase one pair of the LS-77s, on one condition: that Mr Loesch autograph them.

Without further ado, our Mr Loesch duly obliged and the 100 kilogram (200lbs) pair of "baby rhinos" trotted out of the show and into the sunset. Despite the AMR System 1 being shorn of half its output, subsequent presentations continued to be very well received.
Photo: A model purring next to an LS-77…
Photo: …another model trying to out shine the LS-77, keep trying miss…
Photo: …finally, the two models combined outshine an AMR…..Director of Technology: Mr T. Loesch

On the whole, despite the dip in attendance, and a rise in AV setups AMR was very appreciative of Avantgarde Hong Kong's invitation and we thank them from the bottom of our heart for the continued extraordinary showing that they managed to again, organise.

With great thanks to AG HK, AMR's establishment in this area of world just gets better and better…


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