X-Fi Show: Flowing Champagne, Gratis AMR Fuses…does not get much better

23rd October to 24th October 2010

Park Plaza Hotel, Westplein 50, Utrecht 3531BL, The Netherlands

The brand new, X-Fi show held at the Park Plaza Hotel is a small, cosy show for serious 2-channel audio systems. A total of 11 exhibitors took up all of the conference rooms on the 7th floor of this cosy, modern hotel.

Photo: Park Plaza Hotel
As part of the changing audio landscape in the Benelux region, over the last 12-24 months, there has been a surge of more, smaller grass roots shows. The X-Fi is one such show for the Netherlands region.
The re-located VAD Show was held at the nearby Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. The new VAD show is larger, more A/V orientated so a fair few 2-channel high-end exhibitors chose to not exhibit.

The X-Fi Show offered free of charge entry.

Photo: we could not be rude to our hosts and say no to a glass of champagne…

Photo: Caspar and his very nice assistants who ensured all glasses were kept full…

Caspar Bunge from X-Fi was the most-friendly host one could possibly wish for; his team of assistants not only gave out free glasses of champagne, but they also ventured from room to room offering glasses to customers whilst they were seated, lapping up the music. It really does not get much better!

To say that attendees were enamoured with this supreme level of service was an understatement.

Daluso, AMR Benelux distributor naturally, exhibited at the X-Fi Show and handed out one free AMR Fuse to each visitor. No visitor was disappointed!
Photo: Daluso room with AMR/Remiyo and Dr Feickert

Being a small room in a small hotel, the Daluso system was squarely aimed to be real-world as each component (except for the PH-77 Phono Equaliser) was in the EUR3k-4k bracket.

The system consisted of: Dr Feickert Woodpecker/Denon 103-R /AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser AND AMR CD-777 CD Processor > AMR AM-777 Pre-Main Amplifier > Combak Bravo loudspeakers. Cabling was by AMR/Harmonix and mains conditioning by Vibex.

Photo: Daluso room with AMR/Remiyo and Dr Feickert
Along with the Harmonix range of tuning accessories and the Vibex mains conditioners, AMR's PC-77 power cable was also on display. This small 'anaconda' impressed customers with its attractive EUR599 price belying its exceptional quality of assembly.
Photo: a very nice display of Vibex, Harmonix and AMR Mains equipment
Photo: another nice display of Dr Feickert and AMR components
Photo: a very busy atrium

Photo: the rise of headphones…

We met with Eric and his colleagues from iQube who informed us of the continued rise of headphone/portable DACs/computer audio in the Netherlands. We were impressed. A large assortment of headphones and iPod DACs were available for auditioning and crowds were wooed by the multiple listening experiences available.
All in all, the brand new X-Fi Show was an unequivocal success.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Daluso for handling AMR in the Benelux region over the past 5 years and wish Mr Doggen the very best in his new, room tuning/pro audio ventures. We heartily thank Mr Doggen and Caspar Bunge at X-Fi for taking over AMR in the Benelux  region. We look forward to exciting times in 2011 and beyond!

  Photo: pouring over the AMR equipment

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