Taiwan Show Report: AMR Momentum Continues

03 September 2009

The following is a Show report provided by Shin Pao Co, AMR’s distributor for Taiwan.
Taiwan Audio Association Show Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
7 - 10 August 2009 - Room 761 Sheraton Hotel Taipei

The Taiwan Audio Association Show held over 7-10 August 2009 is the largest and most popular show on the Taiwanese audio calendar. There were some 110 exhibitors in 101 demonstration rooms. To say the least, for a country with a population of some 24 million (approximately one-third that of the UK's) this is a large home electronics show.

The audio show was held at the same venue, the Sheraton Hotel in Taipei.

Source: Sheraton Taipei Hotel

Despite Typhoon Morakot hitting southern Taiwan (our thoughts and wishes go out to the families affected Typhoon Morakot), the Taiwan Audio Association’s 2009 show held at the Sheraton Hotel in Taipei (capital city based in the north of Taiwan) went ahead and surprisingly, witnessed a strong turnout despite the best efforts of the inclement weather.

Shin Pao, AMR’s distributor for Taiwan, has continued to plough ahead, making a splash in this “brand conscious” market. In the Shin Pao/AMR room, with an effective show area of 4.2 metres x 4.5 metres with a 2.4 metre ceiling height, the components on show comprised of:

System 1. CD-77 +AM-77 (Pre-Main mode) +LS-77
System 2. CD-77 +AM-77(Pre-Main mode) +ESL-2905
System 3. CD-77 + First Sound Pre + AM-77 (Stereo Power mode) + LS-77/ESL-2905
Cabling: Interconnects and Power cables by AMR and Speaker cable by Supra Sword.

For most of the time, during the show, System 1 was in use. However, System 2 was sometimes used and after-hours, System 3 was used for critical evaluation by customers who had requested a dedicated listening session.

The brand new Premier Class of CD-777 and AM-777 were on static display.

Over the four days of the show, Shin Pao counted approximately 500 people on average walked through the AMR room everyday.

More than half of the people were attracted by the beauty and simplicity of the AMR system and once they had sat down, they were entranced by the wonderful music.

Shin Pao is so enamoured with the LS-77 that they sourced a pair of Quad ESL-2905 electrostatic speakers to interchange with the LS-77s. Visitors were naturally sceptical that the smaller LS-77s could play full bodied orchestral concertos so Shin Pao ran system 2 through the two large ESL-2905 panels first and then switched back to the LS-77s playing the same music at the same sound level. To say that visitors were shocked was an understatement. In fact, they went as far as to compliment the LS-77 professional monitor’s overall superiority. More than a few placed the whole AMR system on their new wish list!

Not restring on its laurels, Shin Pao also exhibited the Paramount Tube preamplifier with separate power supplies for both channels from First Sound USA, to illustrate the “SET” qualities of the AM-77 Pre-Main amplifier. This setup was also used to showcase the First Sound Pre with the AM-77 in stereo power amplifier mode. The “SET like” prowess of the AM-77 also surprised more than a few listeners.

Some of the music played was:
  • Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (Simax classics psc 1247)
  • Mozart piano quartet k.493.. (Sony masterworks sk93071)
  • Mussorgsky 's Pictures at an Exhibition (Sony Masterworks sk93019)
  • Alban berg-chamber concerto..( Grammophon the Originals 447 405-2)
  • The Tube only Violin (Tacet 117)
  • Naim-2007 finest music reference( CH103)
  • The Past, the Present and the Future of Guangzhou
  • Rain forest (Studio H-104)
  • and others that were brought in by visitors.
It was a very successful show, with 20,000 to 25,000 visitors, according to the TAA. More people than last year attended and Shin Pao was very much encouraged by visitors into the AMR room who started to recognise and enjoy the beautiful music from the outstanding AMR system. Once the full AMR system had settled down after several hours of playing, the system produced uncompromised and pure music to woo the listeners and the room was quite often full of visitors, which was a nice surprise for Shin Pao given the stormy weather.

Even on Friday – as it was an extra typhoon holiday where the general public is not required to go to work, instead of the usual "stay at home" attitude and despite the inclement weather (nothing like what we have in the UK) through the driving rain and gales, the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel was crowded with people as they queued for entry ticket. Quite beyond the expectations of Shin Pao and all other exhibitors!


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