The 30th Audio/ AV Fair: Taipei

22 January 2010

The 30th Audio/ Audio Visual Fair organized by the Taipei Electric Commercial Association (TECA). is a high-end audio show held at the Dynasty Hotel with the audio-visual show located at the World Trade Exhibition Center.

The 30th audio/Audio Visual Fair was held from 18th December through to 21st December 2009. The opening hours were 10:00am to 18:00pm.

With one ticket, one may visit both shows including free transportation from/to both places.


Focusing on the high-end audio show, more than 100 audio exhibitors participated.

The show area including the 2nd floor (mostly static displays), was held on the 7th, 8th and 9th floors.

Courtesy of Shin Pao, AMR Taiwan’s distributor, the AMR room was located on 7th floor in room 753 which measured 3.8m wide x 10m deep with a ceiling height of 2.8m. As the room is deep and with a high ceiling, it represented a good listening environment.

There were 2 systems setup in the AMR room for customers:
The first AMR's system comprised of:
System 1: AMR's Reference System
1 x CD-77 Reference Class CD processor
2 x AM-77 Reference Class Pre-Main amplifier
2 x AM-77 were synchronized & configured in horizontal bi-amping mode.
2 x LS-77 Professional Reference Monitors, double-stacked, configured in the "Zeta System" (each individual speaker was connected with a special AMR cable and each channel was driven by one AM-77 amplifier).

System 2: AMR's Premier Class System
1 x CD-777 Premier Class CD processor
1 x AM-777 Premier Class Pre-main amplifier
1 x pair Helicon 400 speakers---Dali's mid-size floor standing loudspeaker.

Cabling: By AMR/Supra

Software used
  • Disk 1. AMR's Audiophile Test CD
  • Disk 2. The 30th Audio Fair collection CD---- : The tracks played were: You Raise me up(Jheena Lodwick), When I fall in love(the best collection of Nat King Cole), Faithful(LOBO)
  • Disk 3. Previous Audio Fair collection CDs--- : The tracks we play: 沈淪(古城今昔), Vincent(David Roth/pearl diver-fm Stockfisch), 月光小夜曲(蔡琴.機遇), Franz Liszt: La Campanella(Tacet 985), 二泉映月(Er Hu 阿炳) Tammy(Jheena Lodwick), La Cumparsita(CACD 55002), Jealousy(Fm the Legend of violin HD-179), Heaven(騰格爾 HD-165)
  • Disk 4. Authur Rubinstein Collection :Beethoven Piano Sonata no.18 op.31 no.3(1946), Piano Concerto no.3 op.37(1944 Arturo Toscanini "live"), no.4 op.58, no.5 op.73, Robert Schumann Piano Concerto op.54(1967 recording), Saint-Saens Piano Concerto no.2 op.22( 1958), Brahms piano concerto no.2 op.83(1952), Grieg piano concerto op.16(1949), Falla- Nights in the gardens of Spain(1957)
  • Disk 5. The most famous violen concerto: Bruch-scottish fantasia op.46, Mendelssohn op.64, Brahms/Beethoven violen concertos, Vivaldi-4 seasons--etc.
taipie3 Source:

The Show:
According to the organiser - TECA, the total number of attendees to both shows totalled 30,000-40,000 people. In terms of visitors to the audio show itself, in practice, it may have 15,000-20,000 people. This is on a par with the Taiwan Audio Association Show held at the Sheraton Hotel in August 2009.

Another way of looking at the strong attendance of audio shows in the Asia Pacific region is as the show opening photo below illustrates, the Taiwan show organisers wouldn’t have put on such a lavish opening ceremony if it was for only several thousand visitors. This kind of launch ceremony would not look out of place for a new cruise liner!


As this was the first time AMR's Zeta System was on show at the Taiwan Audio Show, feedback from visitors was that they were taken aback by the huge, expansive soundstage that was created.

The golden ratio of double LS-77s was really eye-catching. Upon first blush the sound was fast, open and seductive. Attendees were drawn in and remained rooted in their seats for quite some time, entranced by the music.

During peak hours, the room was packed and there was standing room only at the sides and at the rear of the room.

Source: Shin Pao/AMR
For the majority of the show, the System 1: AMR Reference System was used. The Premier Class 777 system was deployed upon request.

The Chief Editor of Hi-Fi & Hi-Vi monthly Mr. Pu, Mr. Yeh of My Hi-End, Mr.Shu of Audio Art all came by the AMR room and listened to the Zeta Reference system. Positive comments came gushing from the reputable reviewers. The overwhelming comment was that AMR's Zeta System performed to a very special level indeed, almost like being at a live concert. Our sentiments exactly!

The majority of visitors that have come across AMR at previous shows remarked to Shin Pao, our distributor for Taiwan that AMR has in a short space of time, made rapid progress and they recognised AMR's reputation for a superior sonic performance.

Even AMR’s Gold Fuses were gaining notoriety and Shin Pao was doing brisk business selling the AMR fuses!

Was it the bass of the Zeta System or an earth-quake.....

At 21:04 p.m. on the 2nd day of the show, Taipei was hit by an earthquake that measured 4 on the Richter Scale. This was enough to shake the hotel and each resident felt the vibrations.

At first, this was attributed to the bass performance of the Zeta OptiArray System but alas, it was mother nature that showed the AMR System how to “rock the house” in the true sense of the word. In fact, it was an earthquake and it passed without too much fuss and all the equipment remained intact.


Looking ahead, 2010 promises to be a year of further ground gained by AMR in Taiwan and we thank Shin Pao for their mammoth efforts!


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