Stockholm Show

February 2011


Meaning "High-End Show", this annual 2-channel show was held in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. The show ran over the weekend of 12th -13th February, 2011.

Located in the luxurious 5-star Sheraton hotel, the show ran from 10am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

StockholmShow_2011Feb_Overview StockholmShow_2011Feb_InsideView
Courtesy of Transient Design (AMR: Sweden) who occupied the largest, 140sqm room, the main system on display was:

Dr Feickert Blackbird (Kuzma 4Point with Dynavector XX2) > AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser / CD-777 Compact Disk Processor > BMC-M1 Monos > Consensus Audio Passion Loudspeakers

There were a total of some 70 exhibitors – 10 more than 2010 which is a nice uptick.

Music played was vinyl and on the hour, alternated between music playback and demonstrations by Mr Michael Fremer of his DVD Setup Disk.

Mr Fremer needs little introduction and we will let these photographs do the talking…

StockholmShow_2011Feb_Present03 StockholmShow_2011Feb_Present02

AMR's good friend Dr Christian Feickert was also there presenting his 'Adjust+ setup/aligment guide'…


Source: courtesy of

Over the course of the two days, Transient Design was giving away AMR Gold Fuses gratis. One visitor was so enamoured, he ferreted away a whole bag of AMR 10A fuses…as we were giving them away, there really was no need for antics by this avid fuse hunter!

On Saturday alone, there was a total of some 2,000 visitors and over the course of the two days, a total of 4,000 visitors attended. Overall, the response was extremely positive to the whole organisation, sound and atmosphere: well done and thank you to Lars and the team at Transient Design!


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