Munich Show Report 2010
The Most Significant Audio Show on Earth

The High-End Show at the M.O.C. was held over Thursday 6th May through to Sunday 9th May 2010.

AMR exhibited its full range of electronic components with the assistance of its distributor for AMR Germany, Fast Audio. Also on show were products from Dr Feickert Analogue, Lyra, Kiso Acoustic and Acoustic Systems International.

AMRs on display…


Source: AMR

There were two systems on demonstration:

System 1:

AMR CD-77 Compact Disk Processor OR Dr Feickert Blackbird (2 arm) Turntable & Dr Feickert Woodpecker Turntable with AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser with Lyra Titan-I cartridges

2 x AMR AM-77 Pre-Main Amplifier (Monoblock configuration)

2 x LS-77s Professional Maxi Monitors (stacked Zeta array)

Cabling by Fadel Art and Acoustic Systems International

Room Absorbers by Fast Audio

Source: AMR

System 2:

AMR CD-77 Compact Disk Processor OR Dr Feickert Woodpecker Turntable with AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser with Lyra Titan-I cartridges

AMR AM-77 Pre-Main Amplifier

Kiso Acoustic Loudspeakers

Cabling by Fadel Art and Acoustic Systems International

Room Absorbers by Fast Audio

Source: AMR

Making Waves Beyond German Shores…

In addition to the prestigious Image HiFi Digital Source 2010 award, the Fast Audio/AMR room was officially awarded “one of the best sounds of the High-End Show” by Mr Pacula of HiFi Choice/6moons.

Photo of Dr Fecikert TT/PH-77/CD-77/AM-77/Kiso Loudspeakers

One the back the momentum gained by AMR in Germany, over the coming months, we expect further positive news flow as we understand that Image HiFi is reviewing the PH-77 Phono Equaliser and so is LP magazine too.

In a country that is still, heavily dominated by vinyl sources, we are very confident that the PH-77 Phono Equaliser will cause as much of a stir in the vinyl sector as its sibling, the CD-77 CD Processor has in the digital sector. Over the course of the show, we played almost exclusively vinyl such was the interest in the vinyl setup, especially the equalisation curves which were demonstrated most ably by Mr Thomas Fast and Mr Stefan Schickedanz.

Dr Feickert TT/AMR PH-77/AMR CD-77/AM-77/Kiso System

Visitors numbers, a story of ups and downs…

While Thursday was quiet for a trade day, Friday and Saturday in terms of visitors, were both slightly above that of last year. Sunday was quieter than the year before mainly because of the pleasant weather and also the fact that Bayern Munich has just won the Bundesliga football league title. The whole Bayern team held an open top bus tour around the city which ended up celebrating at the

Marienplatz in the town centre. Turnout was phenomenal aided no doubt by 25,000 litres of free beer! (what else? One is in Bavaria…)

According to statistics released by the High-End Society after the show, there were a total of 14,869 visitors which is an 8.7% increase year-on-year. This is very good going considering the nascent economic recovery.

Mr Fast Woos Visitors as Usual…

Music played was mainly vinyl through the Dr Feickert turntables and the PH-77 Phono Equaliser and the Lyra Titan-I cartridge which was a combination to behold.

The most popular LP’s were:

“Elvis is Back” (RIAA)

“Die Klug” by Carl Orff (CCIR 56)

 “The Voices” by Stockfisch Records (RIAA Direct Metal Mastering)

“The Sole Inhabitant” by Thomas Dolby (RIAA)

“RadioActivity” by Kraftwerk (RIAA)

“Touch Yello” by Yello (RIAA)

“Fandango” by ZZ Top (RIAA)

“Blood” by This Mortal Coil (RIAA)

“Transformer” by Lou Reed (RIAA)

“Grace” by Jeff Buckley (RIAA)

Customers were rooted to the seats when Thomas Fast of Fast Audio and Dr Feickert performed their disk playing routine which included giving a rich history of record equalisation curves for each and every record played and how the curves effected a different perspective on the music interspersed with a few running jokes.

Over the 4 hectic days, we were most pleased to meet and spend time with:

Dr Christian Feickert (again)

Mr Bjorn Merz of Montigiro Turntables

Briggitte Karp (Fast Audio)

Stig of Lyra/Kiso Acoustic

William Low of Audioquest (thank you for your continued great insights into the audio industry)

Harry O’Sullivan of Music First Audio

Jan Sievking (thanks for the “Back to the Sea” XRCD by Bingo Misuko!)

In terms of reviewers, we met with more than our fair share:

Alan Sircom (HiFi+)

Paul Messenger (HiFi+/HiFi Critic)

Jason Kennedy (HiFi Choice and HiFi+)

Holger Barske: Editor of LP magazine

Clement Perry of StereoTimes (sole US representative at the High-End Show).

Wojciech Pacula of HiFidelity/6moons

Entranced Customers, especially when Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley was played…

Source: AMR
As a reflection of the growing dominance of the High-End Show as the most popular audio industry show on the planet, one need only look as far as the number of accredited journalists that attend the High-End show. This number has risen consistently year after year from 410 in 2007 to 446 in 2010. We noticed that there were actually fewer US audio journalists this time around which lends this number even greater gravitas to the dominance of the High-End Show..

Great Food, Great Company…

During the evenings, after all the customers left the room, (which was quite late as they just wanted to spin another disk and sip a little more of the Fast Audio champagne) we took time out visit a local famous Bavarian restaurant called “Pretzel Pretzel”.

The Fast Audio Team Enjoying Bavarian Food (and Beer)

Source: AMR
Chrome 77 Set? Yes, and quite striking too…

One of Fast Audio’s top-selling dealers is 3 Dimension in Munich (follow-up dealer visit to follow).

One of the proprietors is Mr Stefan Trog who also owns his own chroming/anodising company. As a special edition as one of the reference systems in the prestigious 3 Dimension shop, he anodised an AMR 77 set of CD-77 and AM-77 in “Fast Audio Blue” with a chrome front. It certainly looks the part and attracted many an admirer throughout the show.

Fast Audio Blue with Chrome Front

Great Photos and Fantastic Marketing Materials

We would very much like to thank Mr Holger Jungkuntz ( who designed the banners and AMR leaflets and had to burn the midnight oil to make it in time for the Munich show.

Professionally Prepared Fast Audio/AMR Banners by Mr Holger Jungkuntz

Source: AMR

Source: AMR
Also, we would like to thank Mr Nicola Lazi of lazi + lazi ( for the most amazing product photographs of the AMR equipment.

Lazi + Lazi Shot of the CD-777

Source: AMR
Hotel Amentity, owned by an avid HiFi buff…

Despite the best efforts of the volcanic ash to throw a spanner in the works, we were most pleased with the hospitality afforded to us by Mr Winfried Hoffmann, proprietor of Hotel Amenity (where we stayed) whose wife serves the most mouth-watering Korean dishes.

The Hotel Amenity

Mr Hoffman is also an avid audiophile, so one is able to literally eat, sleep and work audio at Munich – quite amazing. While this may seem an overdose, given the exceptionally friendly people in and around the Munich Show, we never tired, not even once of audio and the 5 days just flew by.

We cannot wait for the High-End Show 2011 to come around again as this is definitely one of the most highest profile venues for AMR and given it is also one of, if the major show, along with the great people we met and have come to know, we left Munich tired, but chuffed to bits.



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