AMR's 777 Premier Class European Debut and Showing at King Audio in The Netherlands

20th August 2009 (first written by Daluso on 15th April 2009)

Daluso, AMR’s Benelux distributor premiered AMR’s 777 Premier Class range at "De Doelen Show" in Rotterdam over the weekend of 27th-28th March 2009.

The demonstration system comprised of AMR's CD-777 > AM-777 > Daluso's "Dutch Statement XL" (own-brand ceramic driver-based speakers).

Source: Daluso

It was very pleasing to find that visitors were in abundance and that after listening to the AMR system, they were literately flabbergasted by the high quality of sound and overall enthralling performance. The common theme was the look of positive surprise from attendees that such a modest audio system could perform so well, even to the point of embarrassing other far larger and much more expensive systems.

Source: Daluso

Not resting on its laurels, Daluso and AMR-dealer, King Audio in Velp (near Arnhem) in The Netherlands organised over the weekend of the 17th-18th April 2009, the first European AMR-777 Premier Class dealer show.

At King Audio's shop, the first system was the same 777 Premier Class setup as that deployed at the Rotterdam Show. A second system was also on show: AMR's full 77 Reference Class setup of CD-77 > AM-77 and LS-77. Over the course of the weekend, listening switched between the two systems to offer attendees a contrast between the 777 high-fidelity and 77-ultra fidelity systems.

In Europe, the norm is that good weather equates to people venturing outdoors and as such, an indoor audio show is likely to see fewer than expect visitors. Not in this case, over the two days of the show at King Audio, despite the beautiful summer-like weather, the turnout was very strong indeed; it must have been the lure of the music!

Visitors were impressed by the musical and realistic performance of the 777 system. In particular, many commented on the ease with which the music flowed and the depth of the sound stage created.

Visitors were deeply captivated and remarked that listening to this setup they felt they were at a full classical orchestral performance!

Those that asked for their favourite “unplugged” and vocal music to be played, remarked on the air, almost touchable realism along with the well-defined and natural dynamics.

Arthur ten Hagen of King Audio in The Netherlands commented: " I am very happy about the new AMR 777-line. With these prices, top-class audio is more reachable for true music lovers and audiophiles who are not able to spend the high-end prices. So, this new 777-equipment is what AMR stands for Analogue sound, Musicality and Realism!"

Ed Doggen of Daluso, one of the first AMR distributors since 2006, for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, comment that: "Right from AMR's start in 2006 I have and continue to be deeply in love with the 77-Series. From the moment AMR announced that development of the 777 was in progress I had high expectations. Now I am extremely thrilled and impressed about the 777's sound quality and performance as they have not only matched, but exceeded my expectations which were already very high!"

Ed's personal 777-statement is "Amazing in sound, design and price. A new true reference! "

Many thanks go to Mr Ed Doggen of Daluso for providing AMR with this Show and Dealer Exhibition write-up. And thanks also go to Mr Arthur ten Hagen of King Audio for organising such a fabulous dealer Show.

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