The AudioTechnique 2010 AV Show

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre: 6-8 August 2010

16 August 2010

AV Show
AV Show The 2010 AudioTechnique (HK's premier audio magazine) sponsored Audio Visual Show was held this year from August 6th-8th at the Wan Chai Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Thanks to AMR's Hong Kong & China distributor, Avantgarde Hong Kong, AMR equipment was present in two of the 3 systems in the gargantuan, room S225.

In descending order, the 3 systems on show by Avantgarde HK were:
AV Show system1

System 1
AMR CD-77 > Kondo M70 > Gakuoh (300B PP)/Overture(EL34 PP)
> AG TRIO Classico with Basshorns
AV Show system2

System 2
AMR CD-77 / AMR PH-77 > AMR AM-77 > Kiso HB-1 Speakers
AV Show system3
System 3

Computer DSP Audio > Ologe Amps > Ologe Speakers

Cabling for all 3 systems was by Shunyata Research

The Show
The exhibition area of 2010 Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show was located on three floors including S2 Meeting Room, S4 Meeting Room and Exhibition Hall 3. The total floor area was 80,000 square feet (or approximately 7,500 square metres).

More than 100 exhibitors took part in the 2010 Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show. The ticket price of the Audio-Visual Show was HK$60 (£5) which generously included an Hybrid SACD "The Perfect Sound".

Moreover, there was a busy schedule of famous singers and musicians throughout the 3-day show to ensure visitors could "recalibrate" their ears by listening to the "ultimate hifi system" i.e. live music.
The Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show with its "hub" location in Central Asia is made up of visitors comprising of two-thirds from Hong Kong/China with the remainder from the Pacific Rim.
There were approximately 20,000 visitors. Anecdotally, there may have been a slight decline on the previous year, in no small part due to the economic malaise affecting mainly the US and Europe which saw a decline in the number of foreign visitors.

CD-77/CD-777: Bit-Perfect Demonstration
With the furtherance of computer audio, more and more audiophiles are beginning to appreciate and enquire about the importance of "Bit-Perfect" playback.

During the demonstration of Eva Cassidy's "Live At Blues Alley" CD, many were astonished (by seriously nodding their head in agreement) that "Bit-Perfect" playback was truly organic and sounded far closer to vinyl playback. Up/oversampled playback (employed by virtually every other CD player in the market) was flat and digital sounding by comparison. Many were genuinely shocked to find out that 99.99% of CD players in the market do not execute "Bit-Perfect" playback; only the AMR CD-77 and CD-777 do and they have 2 types to boot.

Also, Avantgarde HK's staff who overheard customers leaving the AMR demonstrations remarked back to us that a fair number of customers continued to talk about the "very analogue" sound of the AMR CD-77 into the hallway.

Some customers came in and pointed at the CD-77 and PH-77 which we may interpret as being rude in England, but seems to be a nice compliment in Asia; confirmation that you are a recognised brand!
What lovely curves the PH-77 has: Vinyl EQ Demonstration

Following the recent glowing review by Michael Fremer in Stereophile, we were quizzed regarding the use of the many curves mainly for old mono records. The Avantgarde HK team was eager to set the record straight that the 23 curves address past AND present records as many stereo records from seventies onwards benefit from the PH-77's exclusive Columbia, Decca and CCIR curves. Furthermore, eRIAA and the RIAA Direct Metal Master curves cater mainly to disks from the eighties through to the present because the majority of modern day audiophile records are Direct Metal Master ones:
Source: Stockfisch Records
With AMR's in-depth understanding of vinyl down to the different cutting processes, we developed the DMM curve to ensure these more modern disks are played back only to their maximum ability.

To show case the AMR PH-77's different equalisation curves, DG's Beethoven Symphonie Nr.5 - Herbert von Karajan and Berliner Philharmoniker (Decca(FFSS) EQ curve) and Dave Brubeck Take 5 (Columbia EQ curve) were two of the main disks used to exhibit the importance of using the correct rather than just the standard (incorrect) RIAA curve.

People were literally stunned when they heard that with the DG's Beethoven Symphonie Nr.5 with the correct EQ (Decca(FFSS)), sounded truly exceptional and the definite reference grade performance and recording shone through. But with the incorrect EQ (RIAA) selected, this LP is on the verge of being unlistenable! One customer remarked the incorrect sounded more hifi while the correct curve sounded more analogue!
Approximately 4 demos were performed throughout the 3-day period and we were most pleased by the reception of the attendees.

Each and every demo was choc a block full and many visitors attend more than one demonstration session. We recall seeing some visitors coming in to attend 7-9 demos over the 3 days period; their dedication to good sound is really admirable.

Kiso Acoustic also brought along a small number of Kiso key chains as gifts to customers. The key chains were eagerly snapped up by the many visitors as any bargain in Asia is sure not to stay on the shelf for long…

Hello to Some Old Friends…
Mr Franck Tchang of Acoustic Systems International made a stopover in Hong Kong as part of his mammoth Asia distributor tour. He came by more than once and we enjoyed catching up with Franck.

Stig Bjorge and Hara san from Kiso made the short “hop” from Japan as well as the famous Masaki san and Jonathan Midgley from Kondo.

Hong Kong, the food capital of Asia

On the first evening of the show, Avantgarde HK invited its manufacturer to a veritable Chinese banquet. The location was East Ocean Seafood restaurant in Wan Chai.

We were informed that the menu was a "typical" Chinese banquet which consisted of a rich stream of mouth-watering dishes such as:

  • Roasted Suckling Pig
  • Deep Fried Crab Claws
  • Lobster with Sea Cucumber
  • Steamed Garoupa fish dressed with coriander, ginger, spring onion and soya sauce
  • Paper Wrapped Chicken
  • Steamed Abalone
  • Wok Fried Scallops with vegetables
  • Special friend rice accompanied by the house speciality of steamed sesame seed buns
  • Red Bean soup for desert.
  • This was all washed down with a small (copious) amount of Tsingtao beer which is a Chinese beer made with mineral water according to an archaic German brewing recipe.

Given this massive show and the out of this world dining experience that Hong Kong uniquely offers, we would like to be the first to say “Count us in again”.

Next year, AMR would like to come and stay for a tad longer (especially after the show to enjoy the sights and sounds of this vibrant city).

Our many thanks go to Edward, Andrew and the exceptionally professional team at Avantgarde Hong Kong.


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