CES 2013: DP-777 feeding US$153k Scaena speakers

January 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show "–íCES" was held from 7th to 10th January 2013. Avatar Acoustics (AMR: US) was again, in its preferred room 29-124 of the Venetian Hotel.

The AMR- CD-77 was in heavy rotation while vinyl duties were handled by the Tri-Art "BamBam" TT with the iFi audio "pocket phonoship" the iPHONO. Amplification was by Tri-Art and speakers were from Rosso Fiorentino, the Certaldos. Cabling was by Current Cables.

CES2013 Main System
Source: Avatar Audio

On the upper floor, the iUSB Power, iDAC and iCAN were on exhibit, connected to Dell Inspiron Duo and the Rosso Fiorentino Pienza loudspeakers. Cabling was by Current Cable.

CES2013 Small System
Source: Avatar Audio

With AMRs dotted about other rooms, perhaps the most impressive was the Scaena loudspeaker room.

We leave it to Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile to make the intro: "Introduced at CES this year is their newest, the $153,000 "Silver Ghost 10th Anniversary Edition". The price includes six of their stacked 18 Inch subwoofers, these are the things that look like jet engines, always sitting a ways behind the speakers. A true ribbon replaces the quasi ribbon found in the down-line model.

Shown at CES with the new monos from Veloce Audio, the long-awaited but-still-not-quite-here Saetta amps and a Veloce LS-1 ($18k) preamplifier. A pair of Silver CircleTchaik 6 conditioners fed the subwoofers and AMR source gear."

We felt quite honoured that the DP-777 at US$5,000 was chosen to provide the digital playback!

CES2013 Scaena System

Last but not least, we would like to officially thank Darren and Bonnie Censullo, the great team behind Avatar Acoustics for (again) putting on a great show and being very generous with their handing out the AMR equipment to other exhibitors!

CES2013 Scaena System
Source: Stereophile


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