CES 2011: AMR, THE Source

January 2011

The Consumer Electronics Show 'CES' was held from 6th to 9th January 2011. Avatar Acoustics (AMR: US) was in room 29-124. Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics dispatched AMR CD-77s to Symposium Acoustics and Sound Labs/Teo Cables at T.H.E Show.

The CES was held at the Venetian Hotel whilst T.H.E. Show was held at the Flamingo Hotel. Despite being in relative close proximity, by foot, door-to-door, the walk is a good 30 minutes which is not exactly a "stone's throw". We do hope T.H.E Show organisers may be able to find a closer venue which can only be of benefit to them to capture more of the CES footfall.

We were most pleased with the reviewer and visitor comments to the AMR–sourced systems at both the CES and T.H.E. Show. Kudos to Avatar Acoustics for their professional execution.

From anecdotal reports, the number of 2-channel attendees was similar to 2010, which in itself, was a major improvement over 2009. In terms of new products, computer-based audio continued to 'lead the line'.

In Avatar Acoustics' room, the system comprised of brand new Rosso Fiorentino Siennas loudspeakers, Dr. Feickert turntable and tonearm, AMR CD-77 Processor, AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser and AM-77 Pre-Main amplifier, along with Acoustic System racks and cables.

Source: The AV Guide

Jonathan Valin, a renowned reviewer from The Absolute Sound commented:

"New to me was the $25k Rosso Fiorentino Siena three-way, five-driver, sealed-box floorstander driven at the show by AMR electronics. These speakers were one of the great surprises at CES. They simply sounded terrific, which is to say transparent and lifelike, on everything I played, from Heifetz to David Byrne. Very neutral and high in resolution, the Sienas also had (for me) lovable bass without any of the port overhang that adds excess energy and color to cellos, doublebasses, and, yes, electric bass (at least as it is recorded on LP and CD). To hear "Take Me to the River" through this system was to hear something very close to the transparency and realism I hear at home on this same cut. A definite Best of Show finalist from an unexpected and unheralded source. (I must also commend the sound of the AMR phonostage and the Dr. Feickert turntable in this room.)"

Elsewhere, at the CES, the Symposium Audio room used the AMR CD-77 as reference digital source along with their Top Aircell Level Turntable (very nice indeed).

Source: Stereophile

We would like to say thanks to the Symposium guys for using AMR again at CES and thanks to Avatar Acoustics for organising this.

Over at the T.H.E. Show, Avatar Acoustics had kindly arranged partnered up with Teo Cables and SoundLabs.  

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One attendee remarked of the Teo Labs/Soundlabs room, "I was staring right at the speaker just a few feet away and could not sense any sound coming from the panels. Voice was perfect, again with no crossovers or different sized drivers the sound was smooth. No beaming on the high end at all but again the actual speaker just disappeared. It painted a three dimensional picture for you with space between instruments. Keep in mind this room was a little small for these speakers and they also needed more amplifier power. The rear of the speakers reflections were unnoticeable. This speaker had it all in spades with smooth sound, accurate without being at all analytical, bass that was faster then any cone at the show." Nice job chaps!

Overall, online coverage of CES and T.H.E. Show on the whole, did not seem to be as extensive as prior years. This is despite the rise and by now, ubiquity of DAC-based audio. We are certainly very intrigued by this trend and look ahead to other shows in 2011 to see what the future holds.


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