CES Show Report 2009

The Consumer Electronics Show ran from January 8th through to the 11th 2009. All eyes were on this Show as perennially, it is the highest profile and also the first on the audio calendar and a very good barometer of the state of the global audio market in general.

The first public viewing of the 777 "Baby AMRs" (CD-777 and AM-777) was the focus of attention, so much so, that our friends at Symposium had to borrow a set of 777s after they fell were entranced by the CD-77 which they used as source at last year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

AMR was exhibited its 77 Reference Class series and showcased its coming 777 “baby” series courtesy of its US distributor: Avatar Acoustics which occupied 2 audio rooms in the Towers of the Venetian Hotel.

AMR Room 1: AMR CD-77 / Dr Feickert Analogue Turntable and AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser > Karan Pre and Power Amplifiers > ASI Tango Loudspeakers > Acoustic Systems Cabling

Source: Positive Feedback

AMR Room 2: AMR CD-777 / / Dr Feickert Analogue Turntable and AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser > AMR AM-777 > Maarga Full Range Loudspeakers > ASI Cabling

Source: StereoMojo

In addition, our very good friends at Symposium Acoustics (whom we met at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show in October 2008) following on from their serendipitously acquiring an AMR CD-77 as source at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, approached us again at the CES and we were more than happy to oblige, hence an AMR CD-77 was used as source in the Symposium Acoustics room.

Given the very significant slowdown of the US economy in the second half of 2008, it came as little surprise to find that visitors to the CES would also reflect this. While official figures by people at CES reported a decline in visitors in the order of 30%, we and many other exhibitors felt that unfortunately, anecdotal evidence suggested the decline in visitors was closer to 50%.

Notwithstanding, reviewers from not only the US, but also internationally, were out in force and we were pleased to showcase the latest CD-777 and AMP-777 to the likes of Michael Fremer from Stereophile and Jason Kennedy from HiFi+/HiFi Choice. In terms of build quality, aesthetics and sonic performance, the 777 “ticked all the boxes” with reviewers across the board. We look forward to shipping of the 777 machines in the coming next 1-2 months.

Source: Stereophile

Among the reviewers that commented on the favourable sound was Mr Doug Schroder of Dagogo who compliment the Symposium Acoustics setup with the AMR CD-77 as source:

“I am not often wowed by smaller monitors, as I feel they give up too much in the bottom-end and size of soundstage. However, I was moved by the performance of this one by Symposium, which is in development, showing with AMR’s CD-77 player, the Emotive Audio E-Linear Integrated and cabling from Essential Sound Products and Siltech.”

This year, despite the downturn in visitor numbers, we were left scratching our heads as to why the folks that organise the CES along with the management at the Venetian hotel became even more draconian than ever. The most obvious example was that the bathroom (used as storage room) was locked and deemed off limits so one was left with only a cupboard to store items which is as useful as a chocolate fire guard! The consensus was that the organisers behind the CES were likely to receive a very high volume of exhibitor complaints following this year’s show and if nothing was done, they would see a very significant decline in exhibitors in 2010, global economic upturn or no global economic upturn.

AMR and its US distributor Avatar Acoustics look forward to exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October 2009 – a show that in terms of visitors, cost and impact is rapidly playing catch up with the CES. We truly believe that in 2-3 years’ time, the RMAF is likely to overtake the Consumer Electronics Show and become the dominant audio Show on US Show calendar.

Notwithstanding, AMR will continue to remain very active exhibiting its gear on “this side of the pond” and in Asia. We look forward to seeing you at Munich.


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