Bari Hi-End Show

26th-27th March 2011

Held at the Grand Hotel la Chiusa di Chietri in Alberobello (Bari), this year was the 20th anniversary of the show.

We leave the outline of the show to the organisers:

BARI HI-END is an exhibition show dedicated to the fanciers of music, high fidelity and home theatre, to the musicians, to the operators of the sector, to the dealers and it is promoted by the importers and the manufacturers of high fidelity and video products, musical instruments, labels of quality music, national magazines of the sector.

The goal is that of offer to visitors the capability of come in contact and of compare in direct with the operators of the musical sector.

Listen in the best condition to the best equipment of today in commerce; do experience of technology of tall quality audio/video, know and listen to the music "to the source."

In the national landscape of the analogous exhibitions BARI HI-END, that has reached at to the 18th edition, is disposed by now like auspicious point of reference for the public of fanciers and musicians from south-Italy.

The first characteristic of the exhibitions has been and is that of presenting an accurate selection of importers and manufacturers among those that they offer an expressive presence in the sector.

All this through listening rooms prepared by qualified technical where they present the best equipment for the reproducing of the sounds and of the images.

This year the novelty was an entire floor in which has been equipped a stage where alternate themselves musical groups in jam sessions, choir performance, local groups with their Mediterranean groove.

Additionally an exposition area has consented to the musicians in visit the trial of the products in show with the demonstrators of the manufacturers of Musical Instrument and Professional Audio System.

There were approximately 33 exhibitors including hardware as well as software vendors. Quite a few were actually selling vinyl so it seems vinyl is still alive and kicking in Italy. Not a surprise given this country is steeped in history and rich in culture. Of the show sponsors, there were even cheese and wine sponsors so the quality of refreshments was certainly of a very high calibre indeed.

ProAudio Italia (AMR: Italy) was in room 112 Piano Terra.




ProAudio Italia's system comprised of:

AMR CD-77 Compact Disk Processor > Coda 05X Pre-Amplifier > Coda Technologies 15.0 Power Amplifier (Emille' Integrated Tube Amplifier Cha'am) > Legacy Audio Focus SE loudspeakers. Cabling was the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval. The rack was by Box furniture.

Source: Proaudio Italia
Over the course of the two days, there were approximately +2,000 visitors.

In the ProAudio Italia room, the visitors described the quality of the sound as having great dynamics whilst still being very engaging, involving and most importantly, never tiring.

The female listeners in particular, commented that they really appreciated and enjoyed the quality of the sound and returned to listen several times.

Michele Cicala, President of ProAudio Italia met with Suono's Editor: Paolo Corciulo who came by. Of the other magazines, a number of reviewers from Audio Review and Fedelta del Suono also visited the ProAudio Italia room.

Source: Proaudio Italia
We would like to wish the Bari Hi-End a great anniversary and look forward to the 2012 show!




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