Avatar Atlanta Audio Show June 2011

One Heck of a Show for Independence Day

Avatar Acoustics (AMR: USA) invited the Atlanta Audio Society (http://www.mindspring.com/~chucksaudiohome/index.html) to audition four systems from its product portfolio. The meeting was held on Sunday 2nd July. A hearty southern buffet (with all the trimmings) was laid on. A total of 22 members attended, which is a good turnout given the fact that there are a total of ~ 50 members and that this event was held over the Independence holiday long weekend (when most leave usually town for a short break).

A total of four systems were out on display ranging from US$16,000 going all the way up to US$75,000.

System 1: CD-77/Purist CAS&DP-777 > AM-77 Monoblocks > Rosso Fiorentino Sienas

Source: AMR

System 2: Dr Feickert Blackbird & PH-77/CD-77 > Karan Amplification > ASI Tango Loudspeakers

Source: AMR

System 3: CD-77 > AM-77 > Rosso Fiorentino Volterras

Source: AMR

System 4: CD-777 > AM-777 > Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole

Source: AMR

Systems 1 and 2 had their own room while systems 3 and 4 shared the third room. Of the rooms, only the System 2 room had treatment; ASI footers, resonators, sugar cubes and phase correctors.

The music that was played was that brought along by the Atlanta Audio Society and ranged from Shelby Lynne to Beach Boys to classical violin concertos. Some also brought along the typical audiphile recordings such as Nils Lofgren and Norah Jones.

Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics giving an introductory speech to the attendees.

Source: AMR

Darren’s wife Bonnie and some members of the Atlanta Audio Society laid on a truly sumptuous Southern buffet based around the special ‘slow roast pork’ from Dickey’s http://www.dickeys.com/our_menu/smoked_meats.aspx (along with their famous sweet and chilli sauce). The AA Society’s president John Morrison even brought his family secret BBQ sauce and left a copy of the recipe for Avatar and AMR (on the proviso that it was not leaked on the Internet).

Bonnie made the Avatar “Afterburner” beans (see slow cooking pot) on the scale of spicyness, it didn’t reach Mach 1 as it was very mild in comparison to the recent Thai cuisine we sampled in New York. The potato salad and “slaw” (coleslaw) were delicious as evidenced by that fact that they did not last long. Only the keg of Portland ale remained as most members were hitting the cola and root beer (boring).

The Avatar and Atlanta Audio Society Buffet

AvatarShow_2011Jun_Buffet1 AvatarShow_2011Jun_Buffet2


Source: AMR
For dessert, one female member (yes, there was more than one) brought a bucket of lychees which are a staple fruit in South America and Asia that were just ripe.

Suffice to say, there was little left of the food. We then went onto listen to the four different systems which meant trying CD, LP and computer audio. The attendees seemed quite smitten by the tunes and towards the end of the day, AMR gave a small presentation on computer audio setup that was only slightly less eagerly received than the Dickey’s Smoked BBQ Pork.

On 4th July, the Censullo family kindly took us to the 4th July Independence Day parade. Below are some photographs from the parade.

AvatarShow_2011Jun_Parade1 AvatarShow_2011Jun_Parade2
AvatarShow_2011Jun_Parade3 AvatarShow_2011Jun_Parade4


Source: AMR
Certainly, a most enjoyable time was had by all. Southern hospitality is definitely all it is cracked up to be. Show organisers take note of Avatar's organisation, this how a REAL audio show is done.

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