Audio World Show Report 2011

Great Times, Great Tunes and Great Feedback
AudioWorld2011_Poster AudioWorld2011_Entrance
Source: Chester Group
The Audio World show was held at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow over the weekend of 26th-27th March 2011. AMR equipment was in 3 rooms out of some 35 exhibitors. The number of exhibitors was somewhat lower than the 50 or so exhibitors in 2010.

In Syndicate 2

AMR/Select Audio: CD-77 / DP-777 Digital Processor > Pass Labs XP-20 Pre-Amp > Pass XA60.5 Monoblocks > Verity Amadis speakers (cabling by AMR and Harmonix).

The AMR/Select Audio room (room 1)



Source: AMR

In the Bader room (room 2)

Angelsound: Dr Feickert Blackbird > PH-77 Phono Equaliser / CD-777 Compact Disk Processor > Almarra amplifiers > LS-77 / Hart Audio speakers / Marten loudspeakers

Angelsound: Peter, Keith and David


Source: AMR

Syndicate 12 (room 3)

Daedalus / First Sound: CD-77 > First Sound Paramount MkIII Special Edition Pre-Amplifier > Modwright KWA 150 Special Edition > Daedalus DA-RMa loudspeakers. Equipment Base Stands by Track Audio (thank you to Mike Butler of Track Audio for the equipment support and apologies for the late notice)

The Daedalus/First Sound room

Source: AMR
The AMR Gold Fuse continued to go down a treat and of the 1,000 or so visitors, we would estimate that 60%-70% came by and redeemed their voucher for a fuse. This excludes the other exhibitors that came to get their hands on a complimentary fuse. AMR and Select Audio being of the ever so generous type obliged and we hope that come the Whittlebury Hall show, we will be in a position to jovially boast that AMR is in "every single room".

In terms of customer feedback, the first and most important was that customers remarked that AMRs were seen around the show and that they found these rooms to have appreciatively superior sound compared to other rooms. This is high praise indeed considering many used vinyl and 8-track tapes.

Second, after visiting the AMR room, more than a fair number of customers were so impressed by the music (and they recall the same experience at the Whittlebury Hall show) that they wished to arrange an shop audition/home demonstration of the AMR equipment. Such wonderful feedback made the trials and tribulations of hunking AMR gear back and forth all worth it.

Of note, two listeners spent a whopping two hours on Saturday afternoon in the AMR room as they did their utmost to exhaust our collection of CDs. They simply would not budge from their seat. Towards the end of the day, they remarked to us how they loved the music, not hi-fi (sounds familiar) that was being reproduced. They then informed us that they were both recording engineers and one of them worked for the BBC and knew the recording team behind the famous Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms album. We then had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation about the state of recorded music…which certainly lasted for more than 5 minutes.

Another listener said that he was touched when he listened to "Ticket to Ride" by the Carpenters on the CD-77. He said the "honey-like" voice of Carol Carpenter from the CD-77 was the first and only time he heard it truly faithfully captured on an audio system and it made him think only of the music and not of the system.

We certainly could not wish for any better comments.

Some of the music played was:

Over the Rhine: The Long Surrender

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Live in Japan

American Classics: Fanfare for the Common Man

The Carpenters: Gold Collection XRCD

Lou Reed: Transfomer

Thomas Dolby: The Sole Inhabitant

Movie Classic Themes

AMR entraces the listeners…

Source: AMR

The AMR/Select audio music collection has finally been trumped by Jim Burke from Audio Lincs when he was "disc jockey" in the AMR room:

Over The Rhine: The Long Surrender
Over The Rhine: Drunkards Prayer
Allan Toussaint: The Bright Mississippi
Anouar Brahem: The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Dr. John: Duke Elegant
Rabih Abou-Khalil: Songs for Sad Women
Holmes Brothers: State of Grace
Suzzy & Maggie Roche: Why the Long Face?
Joel Grare: Paris - Istanbul - Shanghai

Judging by many listener enquiries at the show and to the Audio Lincs website, Jim received that many requests for "what was that disk.." that he decided to list the music on his home page…

In the AMR/Select Audio room, the DP-777 Digital Processor was making its UK debut. More details will follow on the AMR website soon but suffice to say, the DP-777 is one special product.

The DP-777 Digital Processor (top left)

Source: AMR
Reviewers who attended the show and saw the AMR equipment were:

HiFi+: Alan Sircom

HiFi Choice/HiFi+/HiFi Critic: Paul Messenger

HiFi World: David Price/Adam Smith

HiFi News: Steve Harris

6moons: Christopher Redmond

Adventures in High Fidelity Audio: Neil Kernaghan

Chris Redmond of 6moons commented:

Of the AMR room: "The new AMR DP-777 DAC impressed when paired with a laptop to play hi-rez files, the laptop having been purchased purely for that purpose with no other programs installed to degrade performance."

Of the Angelsound room: "This had nice and crisp sound and the bass did not overwhelm in a larger room."

Of the Daedalus/First Sound room: "…which sounded quite valve-like or at least Class A with a fluid midrange. Liked it."

Neil Kernaghan of Adventures in High Fidelity remarked:

Of the AMR room: "…I heard playing in this room was to a very high standard with an open and detailed, spacious soundstage, very good image width and depth. Bass was also very good too.

During the course of the show the Select Audio room was very busy and Vincent from AMR was playing some very interesting music from his laptop and from various CDs."

Of the Daedalus/First Sound room; "The overall sound was very musical and effortless, with excellent ambient acoustic reproduction (the music being played was a live choral piece) very good detail and really good bass reproduction within the room."

At the end of the setup day, we went out with Nick, Neil and "Bony" the team from Emporium Audio to Zhayani, a very nice Indian restaurant only a mile away from the Park Inn Hotel.

The most visual stunning looking and tasting condiments set from Zhayani Indian Restaurant

Source: AMR
After the meal, as we walked back, Nick from the Emporium asked us to lend a hand bringing his latest vintage acquisition from the car to the room. We were most astounded by his antique EMT phonograph. After a few cranks, it still played magical music. We were flabergasted.

We like equipment that is musical and surely this takes 1st prize…

AudioWorld2011_1Prize1 AudioWorld2011_1Prize2
Source: AMR
We were very pleased to meet Emmanuel Go from First Sound and to catch up again with Lou Hinckley from Daedalus Audio. Both made the long flight in from the West Coast in the US. Needless to say, after hours, we had great beers and great food and a most wonderful time listening to music, staying up until 2am-3am in the morning! Sometimes, good company, great music but less sleep is an acceptable thing…

We would also like to formally thank Mike Butler from Track Audio for lending their most exquisite stands to Syndicate 12 that greatly assisted to the wonderful tunes.


We also welcome Simon from Stamford Audio who are now retailing the AMR Gold Music fuse and have the most wonderful vinyl pressings.


Overall, despite the smaller attendance as they show is 2nd to Whittlebury Hall, listeners were very focused on spending quality time with their preferred rooms and we are honoured that AMR was one such room.

In addition, the camaraderie of the exhibitors and of the organisers; the Chester Group was exceptional, akin to that found at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Certainly, another show that we must mark down on the audio calendar…


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