Computer Audio, CD and Vinyl in Perfect Harmony

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre: 5th-7th August 2011


The 2011 AudioTechnique (HK's premier audio magazine) sponsored Audio Visual Show was held this year from August 5th-7th at the Wan Chai Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Many, Many Attendees in this part of the World…

Source: Audio Technique

With thanks to AMR's Hong Kong & China distributor, Avantgarde Hong Kong, AMR equipment was present in room S225

Source: AMR

The two systems on show by Avantgarde HK were:

System 1

AMR DP-777/CD-77 > AMR AM-77 > Avatgarde Duo

Dr Feickert Blackbird TT>AMR PH-7 Phono Equaliser > AMR AM-77 > Avatgarde Duo


Kondo TT > Kondo G-7 Phono > Kondo M-77 Preamp > Kondo Ongaku > Kondo Speakers

Source: AMR

We were also pleased to once again, meet up with Dr Christian Feickert who had made the "not so short hop" out to Asia. A little birdie informed us that Dr Feickert and Masakai San from Kondo both liked the Chinese wine, enough to have a small competition to see who could "down the most". We were never informed of who won that competition…let's call it a draw!

The Dr is in the House…(Dr Feickert and Edward Choung: MD of AGHK)

Source: AMR

Editor of Audio Technique Draws the Visitors

Mr Lincoln Cheung, the chief editor of Audio Technique was kind enough to make a presentation in the Avantgarde HK room as he shared with us his music collection and people asked for his autograph afterwards.

Mr Lincoln Cheung, Editor of Audio Technique making a Presentation at AGHK

Source: AMR
Source: AMR

The Show: More Local Residents, Fewer Int'l Visitors

More than 100 exhibitors took part in the 2011 Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show which is similar to the year before. The ticket price of the Audio-Visual Show was HK$60 (£5) which generously included a Hybrid SACD (see later) which is unchanged from last year.

The Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show with its “hub” location in Central Asia is usually made up of visitors comprising of two-thirds from Hong Kong/China with the remainder from the Pacific Rim. Though this year, with the slower economic outlook, we noticed that there were far more end customers from HK/China than international visitors such as distributor/dealers from the Pacific Rim area – a shame.

Most were male but over Saturday and Sunday, there were more families that attended which is always nice to see.

There were a similar number of 20,000 visitors which seems to underline this still remains, is a very popular and well-liked hobby.

Computer-Audio: Bit-Perfect Demonstration

With the AMR-derived Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart Computer (with J. River Media Centre) feeding the DP-777, we used a Samsung Tablet with Gizmo to demonstrate computer audio.

Attendees were literally blown away by the consummate ease of access to one’s whole library. For the large part, attendees still brought along CDs to listen to their music and so the majority of the time was spent listening to CD.

Screenshots of Gizmo controlling J. River Media Center

HKshow2011_jriver1 HKshow2011_jriver2

Source: AMR

We must say that so far, of the different remotes tested for J. River Media Center, Gizmo on Android is the one to beat. It is smooth and classy. Every single customer that examined the AMR computer-audio system was impressed – especially when we handed them the tablet and asked them to select their music from the listening position.

Software is Abound

The obligatory iPod headphone is well and truly en vogue now with more headphones than speakers at the show which is a major change from prior years.

Overall, CD and LP sales were still very vibrant, in particular CD and for those who think that the days of the CD are numbered, from this trend in Asia, we would advise them to think again.

AMR's view is that compact disk is currently undergoing a transformation from physical (silver disk) to virtual format (computer music file) and that CD and Computer-Audio are complimentary rather than competing formats. We are not concerned – hopefully your CD source is an AMR as they can all play computer audio directly!

CDs and LPs in Abundance…

Source: AMR

What Nice Disks You Have

Before we sign-off on the show report, we must give special praise to Audio Technique for their sterling efforts in producing a free CD or LP or SACD to every entrant. Simply take a look through the lengths they go to produce show giveaway music…we so wish other show organisers around the world would take heed.

Track Listing of the Audio Technique SACD Giveaway





Our many thanks go to Edward and the exceptionally professional team at Avantgarde Hong Kong. The HK Show is a huge show and long may it continue.


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