AMR's class re-defining audio

components have justly

forged an enviable reputation

to move the listener with

the stirring emotion,

verve and faithfulness of the

original performance.
Reference Class 77 Series
AM-77 : Single Ended Triode Magic

Reference Class
Dual-Mono Amplifier
CD-77 : Closest to vinyl, ever

Reference Class
Compact Disk Processor
LS-77 : Perfection, Absolute

Reference Class
Professional Monitor
PH-77 : You haven’t listened to your vinyl yet

Reference Class
Phono Equaliser
Premier Class 777 Series
AM-777 : The amplifier, evolved

Premier Class
Pre-Main Amplifier
CD-777 : Future-Proof Music Hub

Premier Class
Compact Disk Processor
DP-777 : HD/Classic at the Cutting-Edge

dp777_pl Premier Class
Digital Processor
AMR Gold Fuses : Address the weak link

AMR Gold Fuses
PC-77 / PC-777: The Power, Clean Through

AMR Reference Power Cables

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