The PC-77 / PC-777 Reference Power Cables
The Power, Clean Through
The electrical mains power supply is the “fuel” that feeds every audio or visual system. Along the way, this “fuel” is inevitably influenced by a number of factors that inhibits its ability to perform. AMR has successfully addressed one link along this chain with the AMR Gold Fuse.

AMR has now turned its attention to the power cabling loom with the OptiLink® range of hand-crafted mains power cables that represent a reference power cable for all audio and visual equipment.

What is special about the AMR OptiLink® range of cables?

Behind the hand-crafted, natural sounding range of AMR power cables are three unequalled elements:

  1. OptiScreen® technology which is AMR’s proprietary differential mode, inductance cancelling, braided construction weave. OptiScreen® provides dynamic elimination of radio frequency interference/noise (RFI) and neutralises the electro magnetic field (EMI) radiated from inside the cable itself, thereby cancelling any interference with nearby interconnect cables/equipment. RFI and EMI are the two most significant and audible issues faced by cable designs. Further, the unique geometric construction combining AMR’s Oxygen Free High conductivity Copper (OFHC) cable with OptiScreen® further allows AMR’s power cables to reject common mode high-frequency noise with nil current limiting effects.
  2. At the heart of the AMR power cable is Oxygen Free High conductivity Copper (OFHC) which is classed as C10100 under the ASTM system. This certifies that the copper is 99.99% pure with only a 0.0005 per cent oxygen content. This is the highest quality of copper available and should come as no surprise that it is also the most expensive. In terms of sonic difference, our listening tests concluded that OFHC is significantly more natural and transparent than Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) which is turn, is much better than the most commonly used Electro Tough Pitch Copper (ETPC).
  3. 3. In AMR’s imitable fashion, its own range of IEC and power connectors were developed concurrently to ensure that the full potential of the OptiLink® range of cables was realised; from end to end without exception. The OptiLink® connectors used in the power cables are 24k gold-plated, 4-layers to total 5um thick to ensure the best connectivity for years to come. The pins/contacts are constructed from beryllium copper which was found to be the most organic sounding material. Most IEC and power connectors used in after-market cables are of the generic steel/brass type and sonically, are far inferior.

At AMR the overriding objective is the design and manufacture of cables that allow the fullness of the music to shine through. It should neither add nor detract; this is somewhat different to the design philosophy reflected in other aftermarket cables that impart a sonic footprint/restriction on the system.

We believe we have accomplished this lofty objective.


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