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February 2013
AMR DP-777 Tops Shootout

"It produced MUSIC. It was engaging. It was detailed. All of us had smiles on our faces when listening to it. We had zero ear fatigue. "

"t was airy and detailed without being bright. It was warm and emotional without being fuzzy and muffled. It just felt right."

"No matter what we threw at it, it just kept crunching what we gave it and put a smile on all our faces. "

Read: Audio Aficionado - DAC Shootout: McIntosh MCD1100 MDA1000 D100, AMR DP-777, Music Hall DAC25.3
January 2013
CES 2013: DP-777 feeding US$153k Scaena speakers
CES 2013 Scaena

The Consumer Electronics Show "CES" was held from 7th to 10th January 2013. Avatar Acoustics (AMR: US) was again, in its preferred room 29-124 of the Venetian Hotel.

The AMR- CD-77 was in heavy rotation while vinyl duties were handled by the Tri-Art TT with the iFi audio "pocket phonoship" the iPHONO.

Meanwhile the DP-777 fronted the system used to introduce the Scaena $153,000 "Silver Ghost 10th Anniversary Edition".

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December 2012
Audio Technique from Hong Kong features the DP-777

"When playing CD, the 16bit DAC produced an ethereal presence just like the actual performance; one was magically transported to the concert itself... When playing high-resolution files using the 32bit DAC, it was so natural, one was moved by the music, just pure, natural beauty. One can only conclude that the DP-777 is one quite exceptional DAC."

September 2012
The DP-777 puts a spell on NewZealand's Witchdoctor
EinsNull 3/2000 Cover
As Witchdoctor's Gary Pearce succinctly put it, "As clean as the sound
quality was, it didn't lose sight of the performance. I'd describe it as an
un-audiophile sounding pre/server combo that just delivers the sonic goods,
allowing the listener to get on with the enjoyment of music."

We would like to formally thank Mr Pearce. It makes our day when a reviewer has ' gorged
myself on a swathe of classical, jazz, blues and pop/rock.' This is what AMR
units do best, bring the enjoyment in listening to music, in a big way.

July 2012
Einsnulls (1s and 0s) – Germany’s Premier digital magazine goes gaga over the DP-777
EinsNull 3/2000 Cover
Christian Rechenbach, the editor had the following to say of the DP-777, " No-one else has approached the topic of CD- and HiRez- music reproduction with so much consequence. The completely unique approaches to perfecting the signals and the resulting sound quality are remarkable. " Thank you for a glowing review of the DP-777.

March 2012
Stereophile reviews the DP-777 Digital Processor
Stereophile current issue cover
DP-777 Digital Processor up against Art’s Garrard Shindo Vinyl System

Art effused…”...from Day One, the AMR produced some of the least fatiguing, most involving, and altogether best-sounding digital playback I’ve had in my home.” Art also gushed…“The AMR was more than a pleasant distraction, more than just an escape from the humdrum,; it provided the very best digital I’ve heard.” We wish to extend a big ‘Thank You’ from the staff and directors at AMR.

February 2012
Stereoplay Germany reviews the DP-777 Digital Processor, awards "Stereoplay Highlight" and "Stereoplay Absolute Top Class" certificates
Stereoplay February 2012 issue cover
Technically extravagant converter/preamp with extreme free, natural sound and repesentative looks. The dual DAC and multiple digital filters offer wise sound variations.

January 2012
AMR Music Fuse review HiFi ES
Reviewer M. Castro put a number of other fuses up against the AMR Gold Music Fuse and reported the sonic impact upon his Kora Cosmos Valve monoblocks; “Overall, the sound of my steps with fuses AMR is less aggressive, more defined, detailed and natural sounding ... come much better ...”…” I strongly recommend you test, you have little to lose and everything to gain.” Further evidence that the AMR Gold Fuse is making its own waves in the audio sector.

December 2011
U.S. East Coast Road Trip
2011Dec_MoHonk02AMR and Avatar Acoustics (AMR: N. America) came across some great East Coast scenery and lapped up some sumptuous meals. Oh yes, we also managed to audition some wonderful systems along the way.

December 2011
National Audio Show – 24-26 September The Winner of a Premier Class 777 is…

AMR again exhibited at the National Audio Show; the turnout was good, despite the current economic volatility. The response to AMR equipment was again very positive and we made even more industry friends which can only be a good thing…

December 2011
AMR 'Small but Mighty' Fuse dedicated for Magnepans

AMR is pleased to announce the launch of its 2.5A and 4.0A ‘Fast Blow’ US-size fuses; squarely aimed to satisfy the full-range of Magnepan speakers including the brand new 1.7s and 3.7s. The unanimous feedback from Magnepan dealers and customers has been the same: ‘we are not removing them from our Maggies, we want more for the rest of our system’.

For more info:

December 2011
In Asia, the AMR DP-777 has won 21HiFi's 'Top 10 Digital Products of 2011/2012'.


Picture is AGHK CEO: Edward Chong (AMR: HK/China) receiving the award for the DP-777 from Mr Liu of 21HiFi, organisers of the recent Guangzhou AV Show.

November 2011
Guangzhou HiFi Show 2012, DP-777 Scoops Digital Product of 2011/2012
GZShow2011_FullSystemSide2 Over 4-6 November 2012, AGHK (AMR: HK/China) exhibited in one of the large rooms at the Guangzhou High-End Show. The response to the sound of the AGHK Audio System was such that attendees said it was the best system they have ever heard in their life! It even made the local news that evening and a high-ranking senior government official came by to see what all the fuss was about…

November 2011
DP-777 Technical Paper 5: SRC Data Length Conversion

…the latest generation of computer audio software now  bypasses the in-built mixers of old. Be it on OS X or Windows, the user now has options to enjoy ‘Bit Perfect’ playback from the computer transport.

October 2011
Computer Audio, CD and Vinyl in Perfect Harmony

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre: 5th-7th August 2011
HKshow2011_jriver1 Over 5th-7th August, AGHK (AMR: China/HK) exhibited at the 2011 AudioTechnique Show in Hong Kong. Mr Lincoln Cheung, Editor of AudioTechnique was on hand to make a presentation and sign the free CDs/SACDs/LPs that were handed to attendees. A nice touch that all show exhibitors should take note of. Read on for the 2 monster systems that were on demonstration…

September 2011
DP-777 Technical Paper 4: SPDIF, an Analogue Issue that Requires an Analogue Solution
The common misconception is that SPDIF is a digital transmission system. But today's digital SPDIF is 'borrowed' from the SPDIF analogue transmission system for Betamax transfers! Please click on the following link for a short explanation as to why the DP-777 has a unique analogue SPDIF design that uses a HD-Valve Digital input that leaves other DAC products looking dated.

July 2011
National Audio Show - Free AMR Equipment Prize Draw

We are pleased to announce that e-ticket attendees* to the National Audio Show, Whittlebury Hall (24th-26th September) will be eligible to enter the free prize giveaway in the AMR/Select Audio room (Syndicate 14).

1st Prize: Choice of AMR Premier Class AM-777 or CD-777 or DP-777 (retail €3,300)
2nd to 10th Prize AMR IC-777 Interconnect Cable (retail per pair €200)
11th to 50th Prize AMR Gold Fuse pack (retail €35 per pack)

We would like to thank Select Audio (AMR: UK) and Chester Group for organising this.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For further details, please see:  

*e-tickets are advanced tickets purchased through the Chester Group website.

August 2011
Avatar Atlanta Audio Show June 2011

One Heck of a Show for Independence Day
Avatar Acoustics (AMR: USA) setup a total of four audio systems that ranged from US$16,000 through to US$75,000 for the Atlanta Audio Society. The full range of AMR gear was used throughout. AMR was taken aback by the unreserved enthusiasm of the AAS. The Southern hospitality was there in spades and the “Southern Feast” laid on was nothing short of sumptuous, scrummy and just downright finger smacking good. We nearly forgot to mention that the attendees were smitten by the quality of the sound from the four systems.

July 2011
The Mini Rally Car Returns
It is now common knowledge that Abbingdon Music Research is named in deference to Abingdon (with one "b"), the Oxfordshire town where the Mini Cooper S was conceived and developed by the Motor Works Department of British Motor Corporation. The Mini Cooper S went on to dominate the Monte Carlo Rally in the sixties.

Well, fast-forward to 2011 and Top Gear episode 17 series 1 ran a featurette (in the 37th minute of this 1 hour programme) on the original and new incarnation, the Mini Countryman WRC.

For those able to view it, we recommend that you go to the BBC iPlayer on this link:

It goes on to introduce the latest beast of a rally car, the Mini Countryman WRC.


July 2011
Axpona NYC Show Report 2011

Enjoying Lifestyle Audio in the Big Apple
Besides the computer audio presentation and exhibiting at the Axpona NYC show, we also took time out to catchup with Marshall Nack of Positive Feedback and Key Kim of Stereotimes. Mr and Mrs Nack really do have the "knack" of taking us out to the best restaurants in NYC. Zabb Elee is an authentic Thai restaurant unlike any other. Despite our taste buds being scorched by the chillis, we came away wiser about real Thai cuisine. Truly wonderful food, beer and company. Life really does not get any better.

June 2011
CD Player Abbingdon Music Research CD-777
Poland is famed for its rich history of classical music. Hence it was a fitting venue to audition the CD-777. Poland's Audio and Video wrote, "Values of spatial and naturalness of communication make it easy to migrate you to the ambience of the concert hall, especially in that this AMR machine does not lack dynamics." The CD-777 was award Category A; 5 out of 5 stars which is now the expectation by our customers.

May 2011
Axpona NYC: AMR on the panel of the Computer Audio & Supporting Media Conference

With thanks to Mark Waldrep Ph.D. Founder and President of AIX Records and, AMR has been kindly invited and will be on the high-definition music panel of the Computer Audio & Supporting Media Conference.

The conference will be held at the Axpona NYC Show on Friday 24th June at 1.00pm in the main ballroom of the Affinia Hotel NYC.

Head of Marketing: Dolby Laboratories - Craig Eggers and others will also be on the panel.

AMR will be making a presentation with on the setup and pitfalls surrounding Computer Audio Systems.

We look forward to seeing you there and also in the AMR exhibitor rooms.
May 2011
Axpona Show Report 2011

Avatar Soaring High (in the Penthouse)

With great thanks to Darren and Bonnie Censullo of Avatar Acoustics (AMR: USA), Stereophile, Enjoy The Music and Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile all positively raved about the sound in the Avatar Acoustics penthouse suite.

As Scott from Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile wrote: "The Avatar Acoustics room was my favorite room at Axpona this year and tied for "Best Sound."

Thank you Avatar Acoustics for as always, the great work.
May 2011
DP-777 Digital Processor section goes live
With the first units of the DP-777 shipped out, the DP-777 Product section has been launched.

The DP-777 boasts a number of world’s first including AMR’s proprietary HD Gemini Digital Engine which is the very first DAC in the world that has two Digital-to-Analogue Converter chipsets for the optimal playback of both HD and Classic (CD) music files.

Our technical department has also spent a considerable amount of time preparing the FAQ section which will continue to grow.

Further, we will shortly add a technical paper section and Computer Audio Setup Guides to outline the ideal Computer Audio Source setup (Mac or Windows). This wealth of information will provide the computer audio user with invaluable information irrespective of whether or not the reader is a DP-777 owner.

April 2011
Audio World Show Report 2011
In addition to the usual show comments, AMR also received plaudits from two recording engineers who spent a mammoth two hours in our room. Also, read on for a very old phonograph that we came across…

March 2011
Bari Hi-End Show
This year was the 20th anniversary of the Bari Hi-End Show. Held at the Grand Hotel la Chiusa di Chietri in Alberobello (Bari), there were some +2,000 visitors and 33 exhibitors. In keeping with the rich culture of Italy, wine and cheese were plentiful to whet the appetite of the visitors, a shame this is not more commonplace in the UK.

February 2011
Stockholm Show

With some 4,000 visitors, the High-End Show in Stockholm was a definite success. Aided in no small part by the strong vinyl following as evidenced by the very well-received presentations on vinyl setup by Mr Fremer and Dr Feickert. We eagerly look forward to feedback on the PH-77 Phono Equaliser once Transient Design (AMR: Sweden) commences demonstrations in this vinyl-loving area of Europe.

February 2011
CD-777 Review by Audio of Korea

It seems that fellow reviewers on the other side of the world are also becoming enamoured with the musical nature of AMR products.

Appreciating and understanding the subtle approach of AMR and its product design, Audio magazine from Korea keenly observed, "Nevertheless, the CD-777 seems to be the result of quite extensive technological research and know-how."

Hot on the heels of reporting positive findings with the AMR Gold Music Fuses, Audio magazine commented, "It is clear to me: a hero is born. The CD-777 is a product that will say once and for all something truly definitive, settling all the ongoing debates in the CD-player market, which is crowded, volatile, and, for many manufacturers, miserable to be is heaven brought down on earth."

We would like to thank Mr Kim and his team at Sonoris (AMR: Korea) for arranging such a pleasant, thorough and enjoyable review of the CD-777.

February 2011
AMR to show at Audio World: 26th and 27th March 2011

After the very favourable response to the National Audio Show promotion, AMR/Select Audio (AMR: UK) and Chester Group will once again, run the "free AMR Gold Fuse" giveaway for advance ticket purchasers to the Audio World Show at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow.:

Furthermore, AMR equipment will also be in the Angelsound and Daedalus/First Sound Audio audio rooms at Audio World '11.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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February 2011
AM-777 review by HiFi Club from Korea

We can see that in Korea, music lovers are also taken by the AMR sound as illustrated by the AM-777:

"The consumer retail price is 5.5 million won which contrasts with the fact that this is a one in ten thousand amplifier. Since this is not a common and easily-made product, it is a little bit more refined than the other ten thousand amplifiers and is one for the heart. In particular, the amplifier's charming vocals and delicate musical tapestry is unfound at this price level. Using our Korean analogy, it is like trying to find the ideal porridge and I think I have found it."

Read more (Korean)

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February 2011
HiFi+: LS-77 Review by Paul Messenger
AMR AM777 CD777

One of the most distinguished reviewers in the U.K. press, Mr Paul Messenger had some very complimentary things to say about the LS-77s: "Both the bass and treble extremes work very well, but the midband is the most important bit. Here the LS-77 demonstrates seamless transition from one driver to the other, exceptional overall coherence, and very superior stereo imaging, so much so that the steep slope filters used in the crossover seem to be entirely positive, while their inevitable complexity didn’t seem to be any impediment to the sound quality."...."Though certainly costly, it’s also quite discreet and very elegant.

Good set-up flexibility and a fine ability to distinguish between the various components and accessories with which it is used suggests its Reference Class Professional Monitor tag is entirely appropriate." We would like to formally thank Mr Messenger and HiFi+ for such an insightful and wonderful audition of the LS-77.

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January 2011
CES 2011: AMR, THE Source
AMR AMCES2011_CD77_small777 CD777

The CES / T.H.E. Show were both held from 6th-9th January 2011 in Las Vegas. Thanks to Avatar Acoustics (AMR: USA) AMR equipment was in 3 rooms. Comments by reviewers and consumers alike was very positive. DACs were certainly all the rage and looks set to continue into 2011.

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January 2011
Congratulations to Ultimate Audio (AMR: Portugal)
AMR would like to formally congratulate Ultimate Audio (AMR: Portugal) on its 2nd new store opening in Lisbon. From the photos, we are enamoured that the PH-77 Phono Equaliser is paired with the Kuzma top-line Stabi XL turntable along with the CD-77 CD Processor and a Technics 8-Track! Analogue every which way.

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December 2010
X-Fi Show: Flowing Champagne, Gratis AMR Fuses…does not get much better
AMR AM777 CD777
With the global trend towards smaller and more customer-focused audio shows, the X-Fi Show signals this new breed of show. The exceptional professionalism of X-Fi, the organisers shone through as compliments were in abundance. The fabulous music and sumptuous drinks saw visitors lavish praise upon this brand new show.

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December 2010
Haute Fidelite finds the AM-777 and CD-777 Haute Couture
AMR AM777 CD777
Haute Fideliete's Dominique Mafrand found the 777 to be "...a truly unique system that makes music in the truest sense of the word 'delicious'". Watch this space for the English translation to follow in the coming weeks.

Read more (French)

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November 2010
"Phonovorstufe" LP magazine's Chief Editor lavishes praise on the PH-77
Chief Editor, Mr Holger Barske remarked of the PH-77, " confidently displays its own distinct sonic footprint: an earthy, warm sonic fundament with a potent, visceral and colourful bass. With ascending frequencies, one becomes more and more aware of the valve contribution to the sound." We would like to thank Mr Barske very much for getting to the crux of the PH-77's sonic character."

Read more (German)

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October 2010
Le salon Haute Fidelite Show Report

Planes, Trains and Automobiles and the AMR Juggernaut

16th-17th October 2010
AMR's Premier Class CD-777 and AM-777 both made their 'premier' in France. After strutting their stuff on the 'audio catwalk,' they went straight to the offices of Haute Fidelite for closer scrutiny with a review soon to follow...

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October 2010
Guangzhou Show Report

3rd-5th September 2010, White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou

The LS-77s Wooed by Models and Attendees Alike…
AMR attended the annual China A/V Show held in the magnificent White Swan Hotel in the centre of Guangzhou. The show ran for 3 days from the 3rd to 5th September. Compared to prior years, the show date was brought forward by almost 2 months because of the Asian Games as they would have clashed.

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October 2010
Flexible Valve CDP
CD-777: HiFi Critic - Recommended Component Mr Martin Colloms concluded of the CD-777, "The designers have clearly done their homework, and this well finished and clever player offers high performance with very good versatility and compatibility...I liked it a lot and find it easy to recommend."

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September 2010
The AMR Brand Goes Viral…
Please read on about AMR's very well-received room by attendees and reviewers alike. We also attended the fantastic Eleanor McEvoy concert on Saturday evening - many thanks to the team at the Chester Group for organising this.

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September 2010
Stereophile Class 'A' Recommended Component
AMR's first ever Stereophile review, of the PH-77 Phono Equaliser yielded a prestigious Class A rating. Mr Michael Fremer remarked:

"The AMR's overall tonality was subjectively linear, and free of the warm lumps on bottom or curtailed highs some listeners associate with tubes. Instrumental harmonic structures were vividly painted with a full palette of colors."

We are pleased to receive such a fabulous rating at our first attempt and will continue to work just as hard with our upcoming products.

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September/October 2010
Positive Feedback ISSUE 51
Seasoned reviewer, Mr Marshall Nack from Positive Feedback wrote a very nice review of the PH-77. In addition to praising the special sonic character, Mr Nack also enjoyed the PH-77 with old and new records through the appropriate curves and remarked,

"I wish life were easy and I could forget about RIAA curves. But to really hear Franz von Suppe Overtures (London CS 6146, original Blueback LP), you need the Decca/FFSS RIAA equalization curve. How do I know this? Because I had the PH-77 set to standard RIAA, and von Suppe was not making it."

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September 2010
A Weighty Sound Argument
AUDIOphile magazine of Germany wrote a brief but glowing review of the PH-77. Audio was especially enamoured with the sound quality of the PH-77 and enjoyed old and new records alike with different EQ curves and gave it a "Recommended Component" award.

Read more (German)

Read more (English)
September 2010
Music Emotion
Mr Jo Mullers, one of the most well-respected and experienced audio reviewers in the Netherlands fell in love with the CD-777 and AM-777 combination. We found this review in 'Music Emotion' to be suitably apt given this is the AMR DNA.
Read more (Dutch)

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September 2010
HiFi Statement
By Mr Amre Ibrahim of HiFi Statement, after the AMR Gold Fuse was inserted into the reference system, it put a smile on Mr Ibrahim's face.
Read more (German)

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August 2010
The AudioTechnique 2010 AV Show
With many thanks to Avantgarde HK, AMR's HK/China distributor, AMR attended the 2010 AudioTechnique A/V Show. With 20,000 attendees, AMR continued to solidify its growing reputation after the recent Stereophile review of its PH-77 Phono Equaliser.

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August 2010
Adventures in High Fidelity Audio
Adventures in HiFi are the latest to pen a very complimentary review of the AMR CD-777. Even the transport and DAC aspects of the CD-777 were tested in this review.

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July 2010
National Audio Show
AMR is pleased to announce that thanks to Select Audio, distributor for AMR U.K., we will be exhibiting a number of our components in room 109 of the National Audio Show : Whittlebury Hall, 25-26 September 2010.

Working in conjunction with Chester Group, the organisers of the show, visitors with pre-ordered tickets may attend AMR in room 109 on the 1st floor to receive a free AMR Gold Fuse. The Gold Fuse elevates the performance of any 2-channel or audio visual component.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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July 2010
AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser review
We were most pleased the AMR PH-77 passed the Michael Fremer listening test with flying colours..."In­strumental harmonic structures were vividly painted with a full palette of colors." More quotes are enclosed but please refer to the July 2010 Stereophile for the full in-depth review.

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July 2010
Image HiFi review of PH-77 (Part 1)
Mr Roland Kraft said "The Egg Laying Wool Milk Pig PH-77...performs at such a high level, in my opinion, a lot of discussion completely unnecessary." Bearing in mind that Mr Roland Kraft is one of the few "great wizard" reviewers in Germany (probably in the world) with the description of PH-77's features, the review pointed out the choice of de-emphasis curves is described as a godsend (with the Enhanced RIAA even kept for the next part as something very, very special). Part 2 will follow in the coming months...

English translation of Part 1 to follow.

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June 2010
System of the Month
In the CIS's Stereo & Video magazine, the AMR 77 System is awarded the system of the month award - with very nice compliments bestowed upon the AM-77 Pre-Main amplifier and LS-77 Professional Monitors.

Rus      Eng
June 2010
Adventures in HIgh Fidelity Audio
The AMR CD-77 receives 'another' very positive review. This time, this particular review is unusual because the benchmarks are classic TDA1541A chipset machines.

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May 2010
AMR CD-77 Lands Coveted Image HiFi Best Digital Product 2010
AMR received the prestigious Image HiFi "Best Digital Source Award 2010" during the recent Munich High-End Show. This accolade is a real honour for the AMR CD-77 Compact Disk Processor: first, the customer base of this market remains heavily involved in playing vinyl. Second, the traditionally conservative culture means that few foreign brands manage to make inroads.

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May 2010
munich banner
Munich Show Report 2010
The Munich High-End Show was very eventful for AMR and for all the right reasons: the AMR CD-77 was awarded Image HiFi's lofty "Best Digital Source 2010". Second, HiFidelity and 6moons writer Mr Pacula awarded the AMR room the 2nd best sounding room.

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April 2010
CD-777 Review by Stereo Video & Multimedia
Stereo Video & MultiMedia from the CIS wrote this very nice synopsis of the AMR CD-777:
"The AMR CD-777 has an amazing tonal accuracy and keeps pace with changes in the pace of the sound. But at the same time, it is not devoid of emotion, this is a key characteristic of any equipment wishing to be considered a "thoroughbred" in this category which the CD-777 has certainly stated its credentials."

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April 2010
AMR CD-77 review by Stereo Video and MultiMedia of CIS/UKR
Mr Nikolay Mikheyev, the reviewer remarked:

"Impressive design, this is a "Museum" package"
"Specifically the sound of "British" machines – is liveliness, as well as focus on details and their harmonious combination and an excellent transfer of nuances."
"The broad bandwidth and tonal accuracy of sound the CD-77 is perfect: from the bottom to the top - no coloration, protrusions, such as romance. The low frequency performance of this "battleship" is just the tops."

Many thanks Mr Mikheyev.

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April 2010
AMR in Teo Cable Room at Montreal Show
AMR courtesy of the very generous and diligent team at Teo Cables was invited to exhibit the CD-77 Compact Disk Processor at the Salon & Son Image Magazine 2010 Audio Show in Montreal. This is not small show, held over the weekend of 25th-28th March, there were some 8,000 or so visitors.

We were most pleased to see the following comments by Art Dudley from Stereophile:
"On a number of occasions I've heard the CD-77 CD player from Abbingdon Music Research sound wonderful: organic, textured, and altogether analogish. Today was no exception, as proven by the latest 77.1 version of the AMR player ($9995)...The system was invitingly detailed without a trace of tizz, and while I'm not the sort who obsesses over imaging, I admit that I was charmed by the Teo speakers' very inviting spatial qualities. Also on display but in use during my visit was the Feickert Blackbird turntable (approximately $7500), for which the word "interesting" seems a cruel understatement."

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April 2010
Audio Technique from Hong Kong was certainly impressed by not only the sound, but also the build quality of the CD-77:
"AMR's philosophy is one of no compromise. The titanium colour is modern and is the first suggestion that advanced technology lies beneath. There is a large acrylic front panel that resembles a pair of dark shades behind which the LCD is located. Even the front buttons are touch-sensitive. The overall look and feel is undoubtedly one of serious technology at work."

"It designs and builds products from the heart - as indicated by the extremes to which they go. The remote control is hewn from solid aluminium, not too heavy and not too light, with a nice solid feel about it when it is held in the palm of the hand."

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March 2010

AMR CD-77 and PH-77 Singled out by the Big Guns
HFC332 Held over the weekend of 19th to 21st March, Portugal's AudioShow was the 17th show and this year, it returned to its roots as it was dominated by 2-channels systems with far fewer home cinema setups. AMR was exhibited in both hotel locations courtesy of Ultimate Audio (AMR: Portugal). Both the CD-77 and PH-77 Reference Class products shone. The former aroused interest with two of the most prestigious reviewers in the Portugese audio press. The latter garnered lavish praise from one of the most well-respected vinyl specialists, Mr Rui Borges who rated the PH-77 as "one of the best phono stages” that he has had the pleasure of auditioning"

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March 2010
AMR CD-777 review by HiFi Choice
HFC332 HiFi Choice summed up the CD-777's impressive construction "Among the cherry-picked components inside the casework are hand-made transformers in the power supply and NOS valves called 6H1N-EV in the analogue stage. Even the transport is custom built, using a high-torque motor, Sony K-Series laser pick-up and a Philips CD-18 servo system...By using aircraft-grade aluminium to build the CD-777 casework, AMR has produced a stunning piece of kit. It's enhanced by windows that let you see the electronics within (including the glow of the valves), while letting the heat out. "

Most important of all is the sonic performance which HiFi Choice gave a full 5 out of 5 stars and said "...This is one of the most natural-sounding digital sources I have heard in ages, it is tonally delightful and that's not something you often read about a CD player."

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March 2010
AMR CD-777 Review
By 6moons' Srajan Ebaen, "The general audio trend continues to pursue more apparent detail. Movies and advertising too go after flashier shock values to romance shortened attention spans and desensitized senses. Against such a zeitgeist, the CD-777 embodies a bit of nostalgia for slower times. Progressive upsampling can turn it edgier if desired but this nearly defeats the entire project brief. This machine wasn't intended to sound like all the others." We are pleased to hear Srajan confirm that the CD-777 is more "analogue" than "hifi" which is music to our ears.

"If so, the triple seven would in fact be closer to my old Zanden memories than the double seven was. For €3.500, that'd be one helluva achievement."

Fellow 6moons correspondent, Edgar Kramer also commented: "It’s surprising how much performance they managed to extract from the CD-777 when compared to the CD-77."

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January 2010
The 30th Audio/ AV Fair: Taipei
Through Shin Pao, AMR Taiwan's distributor, another successful show was held at the Dynasty Hotel for the 30th Audio/Visual Fair in Taipei. The 30th Audio/Audio Visual Fair was held from 18th December through to 21st December 2009.

Reviewers and visitors now recognise AMR as a serious brand in this part of the Asia Pacific region. In particular, reviewers from the established - Hi-Fi & HiVi Monthly and Audio Art magazines. We thank you for your kind comments on the "live" nature of the AMR Zeta System.

Even a small earthquake failed to halt the unabated enthusiasm of exhibitors and attendees alike with 15,000-20,000 visitors to this mammoth show.

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January 2010
AMR CD-777 Review
The world's first review of the CD-777 by HiFi Music certainly landed with a bang: "The AMR CD-777 is a digital player rich in technology, which has been designed and built almost to the same level as the company's flagship CD-77. After spending some time with the CD-777, I can testify with absolute sincerity, that this player is pretty hard to beat. For one who is looking for a digital player, the CD-777 is more than just a CD player, with excellent musical reproduction of tonal colors at all frequencies and a subtle hint of warmth, it certainly deserves an audition."

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Read the original review in Hebrew

November 2009
Guangzhou 2009 – Standing Room only
Guangzhou Audio Visual Fair 2009
The White Swan Hotel – 24-26 November 2009
Courtesy of Avantgarde HK, AMR's distributor for HK/China, AMR made its debut in the China market in remarkable style by being the talk of the show with its Zeta System in one of only three main ballrooms at White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.

With AMR's atypical approach to introducing the music and components, we came prepared with our truly unique presenter - Mr Simon Man. Mr Man and the AMR Zeta System gelled from the off to wow the crowds to draw huge plaudits.

With some 25,000 visitors, this show has instantly become one of the mainstays on AMR's show calendar. To the best of our knowledge, it is virtually the most well attended audio show in the world, by a country mile.

Please read on to see AMR's show stopping exploits.

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November 2009
AMR Authenticated by Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. Approval to Access Bit-Perfect Digital Audio Output through Internal Architecture of iPod/iPhone

Apple Inc. has certified AMR as one of the “Made For iPod/Made for iPhone” licensees; this places AMR in a very elite group of high-end audio manufacturers that have been granted this status. Following high-level meetings with Apple Inc., AMR is now officially approved by Apple Inc. to develop premium audio products with the “Made For iPod/Made for iPhone” certification. This paves the way for AMR to obtain bit-perfect digital audio output from any iPod/iPhone. Given AMR’s strength in digital and analogue circuitry design, in the near future, AMR will be launching “Made For iPod/Made for iPhone” compatible components that will set a new benchmark of sonic performance for all iPod/iPhones.

Source: Apple Inc.
The "Made For iPod/Made for iPhone” Program by Apple Inc.
As a licensed Apple developer, AMR now has access to technical documentation, hardware components, testing tools, technical support and product certification logos from Apple Inc. AMR has already commenced work on products that will bear the “Made For iPod/Made for iPhone” logos and is also working with the Apple Developer Technical Support and ADC Compatibility Labs for product development and testing. In the future, AMR’s advanced audio components exhibiting the logos below will confirm that they have been officially certified by Apple Inc. and are compatible with all iPods/iPhones.
October 2009
The 2009 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
AMR continues to enhance its reputation in the US with its new Premier Class 777 range of components.

Judging by the very positive reception, the Premier Class machines look set to be just as well received as the 77 Reference Class components.

Not to be outdone, the CD-77 and PH-77 were also present in the Al Steifel Legacy room and the Daedalus Audio room.

The RMAF saw a slight increase in visitors to 3,700 and it has now probably overtaken CES as the de facto audio show in the US. Further, the first "CanJam" was a good litmus test of the rising popularity of "Generation iPod" which is set to maintain its upswing.

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September 2009
The Perfect Read
28 September 2009
The review succinctly summarised the unqiue sound of the CD-77:

"After spending time with the AMR CD-77, any concerns that there are any flaws in this machine are dispelled and we quickly come to one conclusion - without doubt this CD player reproduces music in a most realistic way."

"This is an extremely elegant and noble machine. It is not a Ferrari, but a Bentley!"

"This is music in its purest form of bit correct analogue reproduction! It is these associations that bring to our mind, vinyl."

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Read original report in Polish

September 2009
Taiwan Show Report: AMR Momentum Continues
3 September 2009
The Taiwan Audio Association Show held over 7-10 August 2009 is the largest and most popular show on the Taiwanese audio calendar. There were some 110 exhibitors in 101 demonstration rooms. To say the least, for a country with a population of some 24 million (approximately one-third that of the UK's) this is a large home electronics show.

Despite Typhoon Morakot hitting southern Taiwan (our thoughts and wishes go out to the families affected Typhoon Morakot), the Taiwan Audio Association’s 2009 show held at the Sheraton Hotel in Taipei (capital city based in the north of Taiwan) went ahead and surprisingly, witnessed a strong turnout despite the best efforts of the inclement weather.

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August 2009
2009 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show
"Spellbound by the PH-77"
20 August 2009
Abbingdon Music Research’s distributor for Hong Kong and China, Avantgarde Hong Kong (“AHK”) (, kindly invited AMR to exhibit its range of Reference Class components at the 2009 Hong Kong High-End Audio Video Show. Held in Hong Kong, the "city that never sleeps", this year, the Show ran from the 7th (Friday) through to the 9th (Sunday) August.

The total cost of the whole system was in excess of HK$3 million (equivalent to EUR300,000) which out in Asia, represents a system for the well-heeled. The AMR CD-77 and PH-77 were right at home with the gigantic Avantgarde speakers and the luxurious Kondo Audio Note amplification

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August 2009
AMR's 777 Premier Class European Debut and Showing at King Audio in The Netherlands
20th August 2009 (first written by Daluso on 15th April 2009)
Daluso, AMR’s Benelux distributor premiered AMR’s 777 Premier Class range at "De Doelen Show" in Rotterdam over the weekend of 27th-28th March 2009.

The demonstration system comprised of AMR's CD-777 > AM-777 > Daluso's "Dutch Statement XL" (own-brand ceramic driver-based speakers).

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July 2009

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77

7th of July 2009 (first published March 2009 in Image HiFi)

"Not simply just another High-End player, but the digital machine. From now on, the yardstick rests higher."

Read the review here in English

Read the review here in German

July 2009
With AMR’s PH-77 Reference Class Phono Equaliser, Vinyl Pressings May Now Finally Be Optimised for Correct Playback

London, U.K. – 3 July 2009 - After years of extensive in-house development and close collaboration with recording engineers and archivists from the BBC; the British Library Sound Archive; The Institut fur Rundfunktechnik GmbH and Sveriges Radio AB, AMR is pleased to announce it has commenced shipping of the PH-77 Reference Class Phono Equaliser.
The PH-77 is the only phonograph source able to lay claim to exclusively feature a comprehensive catalogue of 22 equalisation (EQ) curves4: every LP record ever made may now be replayed using the one and only correct equalisation curve.

With unorthodox approaches to the circuit design, along with rare and primarily bespoke components, the AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser paints a sonic picture that is so seductively vivid, beautiful and harmonically rich, it possesses an enthralling live performance-like quality that after listening, one is left struggling for superlatives.

Together with 8 levels of gain; 64 steps of load; 3 inputs for unprecedented flexibility in cartridge choice/matching and an onboard 24bit/96kHz Analogue-to-Digital converter, the PH-77 is undeniably, one of the most significant reference phonograph sources ever produced.

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June 2009
AMR Gold Fuses Outclass Generic Fuses to Unlock the Full Potential of All Audio and Visual Systems

London, 18 June 2009 - AMR has launched a range of Gold Fuses that are premium replacement fuses for all electronic products: audio and visual products from amplifiers to LCD televisions will attain a higher level of performance.
The Generic Fuse

Traditionally, one of the weakest points in any typical component is the fuse. This is because standard electrical fuses do not take into account the needs of a high quality audio or video system as they are typically made from:
  1. Thin glass tube body: microphonic issues
  2. Low-grade metal spiral wire: microphonics, added inductance and power degradation issues
  3. Low-grade metal end caps: poor contact, power degradation issues

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May 2009

Munich 2009: Here, There and Everywhere
21st – 24th May (High-End Show: M.O.C.) / 21st – 23rd May (HiFi Deluxe Show: Flemings Hotel)
Timing could not be better for AMR in Germany. Hot on the heels of the glowing and witty review by Chief Editor, Mr. Roland Kraft at Image HiFi (May 2009 issue) of the AMR CD-77, AMR exhibited the CD-77 at the Munich High-End Show.

In addition, through AMR’s distributor for Germany, Fast Audio, AMR also exhibited in 2 rooms at the HiFi Deluxe Show which was held at the Flemings Hotel.

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April 2009
April 2009 Dagogo USA - LS-77 Review by Chris Redmond

The reviewer hit the nail on the head when he commented that: "You really do have to forget about the whole floorstander/standmounter debate with the LS-77s and just consider them as full-range."

This is the compliment that every reference class monitor design strives to attain.

For a more detailed review, please click on the following link:


High-End (Slovakia) CD-77 Review February 2009


"Excellent player with special sound quality derived from using electron valves. This means - excellent musicality, three-dimensionality and analogue sound reminiscent of a phonograph."

We are pleased to hear yet another reviewer likens the CD-77 sound quality to vinyl, which to us, is the best compliment possible for digital playback.

Read the original full report

10th of February 2009
February 2009 Dagogo USA - CD-77 Review by Chris Redmond
"The ’shoot out’ was over before it had even begun, ... the valve output, filterless (analogue and digital) CD-77 is clearly better than the modified CD7, which in itself was the best implementation of the Philips TDA1541 double crown using solid-state output and conventional filters I’ve heard and probably the best solid-state output digital source I’ve heard, period."

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8th to 11th of January 2009
CES Show Report 2009: All Eyes on the Baby AMR 777s

The Consumer Electronics Show ran from January 8th through to the 11th 2009. All eyes were on this Show as perennially, it is the highest profile and also the first on the audio calendar and a very good barometer of the state of the global audio market in general.

The first public viewing of the 777 "Baby AMRs" (CD-777 and AM-777) was the focus of attention, so much so, that our friends at Symposium had to borrow a set of 777s after they fell were entranced by the CD-77 which they used as source at last year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

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18 - 22nd of December 2008


AMR launched its 77 reference class range of products to the Taiwan market at the 2009 Taiwan HiFi Show.

This Show was held from 18th to 22nd December at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan. Perennially, this is the second most important audio Show on the Taiwan audio calendar.

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AMR will debut the all new 777 series at CES 2008

After several years of development, AMR is proud to introduce the 777 Series at the January CES.

The 777 Series products incorporate many of the technologies employed in the highly-regarded and multi-award winning 77 Series products.

At launch, the 777 Series will consist of the AM-777 Amplifier and CD-777 CD Processor. The matching LS-777 Speakers and other products will follow over the course of 2009.

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18 - 20th of October 2008

VAD Show Report
“Is that Garrard in your system, or are you just happy to see me?”

AMR was invited by its distributor Daluso (AMR: Benelux countries) to again attend the VAD Show which was held in Veldhoven at the Konigshof Hotel over 18-20th October. The Daluso room consisted of:

System 1

AMR CD-77 Garrard
301/SME 3012/Denon DL-103R
AMR PH-77 Phono Equaliser

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17th of October 2008

CD-77 - 2008 High Fidelity Poland - Review by Wojciech Pacula

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77: Mr. Wojciech Pacula wrote:

"..some elements of the sound are so good, that they surpassed the best ... I ever heard..."

" need really an expensive analog source ... to better the AMR player in terms of presenting timbre, naturalness of the sound, etc..."

"...if somebody loves vinyl ... the CD-77 is the best proposition I know, because it offers the timbre of music close to a good analog source."

Read the review here in English

Read the review here in Polish
12 - 14th of October 2008

RMAF – 2008: The Dow Jones see-saws 1000 points, Iceland faces bankruptcy but
"The show must go on"

After the Top Audio Show in Milan, AMR attended at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) held at Denver from 10th-12th October in the Marriott Denver Tech Hotel and for the first time, also at the Hyatt Regency Convention Centre. With the world economy in turmoil and prophets of doom on every corner, it was shaping up to be an interesting show. But as Queen added on their 1991 Album , "The Show Must Go On".

10th of October 2008
CD-77 - 2008 Music Emotion NL - Review by Jo Mullers
Abbingdon Music Research CD-77: Jo Mullers writes:

"De sound is eindelijk met recht analoog of in andere woorden vinylgeorienteerd te noemen."

"Hij is goed gebouwd met echte top onderdelen en dan valt de prijs best mee.
Een high-end speler voor de prijs van een dure middenklasser."

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18 - 21st of September 2008

Top Milan Show Report 2008

The Show season kicked off as AMR for the second time, attended the Top Audio Show: Atahotel Quark in Milan courtesy of ProAudio Italia, its Distributor for Italy.

The Top Audio Show ran from 18th – 21st September (inclusive); a 4-day show which is most unusual.

In the ProAudio Italia room – the brands on display were AMR, Analysis Plus, Coda, Definitive Technology, Modwright, The Funk Firm, Raysonic and Triode.

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18th of August 2008
August 2008 Dagogo USA - AM-77 Review by Chris Redmond
"had I heard the AM-77 before hearing the Audio Note Quest Silvers and later purchasing the Border Patrol, I may well have ended up buying the AMR"

“…providing an owner with a taste of the high-end and a sip of single-ended triode magic...".

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10th of July 2008

July 2008 Stereotimes USA - CD-77 Review by Frank Peraino

"Let me cut to the chase - the AMR CD-77 just flat out knocked my socks off!!" ... "The AMR’s most impressive attribute is the sonic portrait it paints as a whole – a 'whole' greater than the sum of its impressive parts." ... "Considering its competition, the AMR is as close to an audio ‘steal’ as you can get." ... "The more I tried to concentrate on the sound, the more I found myself unable to do anything but tap my foot, sing along and play air guitar! To put it succinctly, for what I was commissioned to do (critically analyze it), it was a reviewer’s nightmare and a music lover’s dream. So I did what any music lover would do - I purchased it!" ...

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4th of July 2008

June 2008 Sweden - CD-77 Review by Mr. Rannagarden
  "Den arbetade med rumsinformation som en riktigt imponerande illusionist och fixade gunget for en hel konsert."

"Den imponerade pamig ljudmassigt och ar konstruktionsmassigt en riktig karamell."

"Lugn bara lugn, Dr Rannagarden har smakat medicinen. Jag kan tveklost rekommendera en lyssning pa AMR CD77."

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Alta-Fidelidad (Spain) System Review June 2008
System Review - comprising of AMR CD-77, AMR AM-77, Acoustic Systems Tango Loudspeakers. Total system cost - EUR 73,315

This is a special high-end system with an authentic musical impact directed at the most passionate of audiophiles.

Musical Connection from Barcelona has taken this concept to the extreme by covering every detail in the configuration that we are about to evaluate. The musical dividends of this intense care are enormous.

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Abbingdon Music Research at the High End Show Munich 2008 - Vorsprung Durch Organisation

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) was back in Munch courtesy of its distributor for Germany: Fast Audio in Room D109 at the M.O.C. for the 2008 High-End Show. This Show marked the 10th anniversary for Fast Audio. It was also the 10th Anniversary of Loricraft's having worked with Martina Schroeder. It goes without saying that there was plenty of celebrating to be done and the AMR juggernaut was more than honoured to be part of the proceedings. So a hearty congratulations to the aforementioned parties!

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  17th March 2008
Abbingdon Music Research at STEREO-epiloges Athens

The first of March saw an auspicious beginning of the month of March for AMR around the Mediterranean, as Rhapsody Audio Systems, AMR’s Distributor for Greece and Cyprus, introduced AMR’s products to the press and public.

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  22nd February 2008
AMR to demonstrate at Stereoepiloges Athens

AMR is pleased to announce that a formal demonstration of a complete AMR System, including the LS-77 Professional Monitors and our award winning AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifiers and CD-77 Compact Disk Processors will take place on the 1st of March 2008, in Athens' prestigious HiFi Shop Stereoepiloges.
The demonstration will be made jointly by AMR's Greek Distributor Rhapsody Audio Systems and AMR's Director of Technology and Chief Designer Thorsten Loesch, starting at 11:30 through to 15:00. For more details of venue, program etc. please contact Rhapsody Audio Systems via
Email: or Telephone +30 (0) 210 4414842. 22nd February 2008: for further enquiries, please contact: Vincent Luke Director of Markets


6th of February 2008

CD-77 - 2008 HiFi+ UK - Review by Roy Gregory

"Line this up alongside the vast majority of €10K Audiophile players and it makes them look cheap, in some cases downright shoddy..."

"This impressive players steps straight into the slot ... as the new benchmark for serious high-end performance."

" ... the sound of this player is engagingly lively, pacey and substantial. ... It’s this ability to rise to meet the qualities in a performance, to match the scale and drama that makes the AMR so special, elevating it into exclusive company indeed."

"Whether it’s a stretched out, bluesy jazz line, slashing guitar heroics or a beautifully turned orchestral phrase, this player allows the music to deliver, allowing you to relax and enjoy it."

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26th January 2008

Abbingdon Music Research Hip at the Strip - Vinyl is back in black - The 2008 CES

AMR arrived at the CES in its own room courtesy of its kind US distributor: Avatar Acoustics. AMR was the sole system in Avatar’s first room, 329 of the 29th Floor, and the CD-77 was used as the source component in Avatar’s second room 137 on the same floor

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31st October 2007
AMR Rocks the Rockies" - Abbingdon Music Research at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Report

Despite this being our first visit to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest or "RMAF", if there is one show on the audio calendar to attend, despite those that are based outside of the U.S., this is the Show to attend. From attendees to exhibitors, this is without doubt a Show "organised by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

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29th October 2007

Abbingdon Music Research at the Sound & Vision Show: Park Inn Hotel, London, Heathrow - Report

We would like to thank all dealers, distributors, press representatives and customers who came to visit our room at the Sound & Vision Show at the Park Inn Hotel, 21-23 September 2007. AMR was present courtesy of our UK distributor Real Hi-Fi, to take up Room 1905, one of their two rooms at the Sound & Vision Show.

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29th October 2007
Abbingdon Music Research at the Top Audio Show: Milan - Report

The Show season kicked off as AMR for the first time, attended the Top Audio Show in Milan courtesy of ProAudio Italia, its Distributor for Italy. The Show ran from 13th - 16th September (inclusive); a 4-day show (9.30am-7pm) which is most unusual. According to the organisers, the total number of visitors was 20,000: to put this into context, the Munich Show has 12,000 visitors and the VAD Show has 8,000 visitors. We believe each Show organiser has its own method of calculating the number of visitors, so despite a very large ttendance, we would put it more or less en par with Munich.

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12th October 2007

November 2007 - HiFi Choice (UK) reviews AMR's AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifier, the AM-77 receives the

"It handles speed and dynamics without any edginess or glare, to such an extent that one is left in no doubt about the valve factor."

"The AM-77 can drive a pair of B&W 802Ds to truly entertaining levels."

"If there's acoustic space in the signal the AM-77 will be sure to make the most of it."

Read the complete review at the Website.
5th October 2007

October 2007 - HiFi Choice - The Collection Issue (UK) reviews AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor

Jason Kennedy writes about the CD-77:

"The CD-77 is one of the most dynamic and engaging players we have come across regardless of price."

"There is just good, plain ... transparency that makes for music that is almost impossible to switch off."

"Next to our reference ... the AMR makes the more beguiling sound and ... we'd certainly hang on to it if we could."

Read the complete review here (2MB PDF).
2nd July 2007
Press Release

AMR appoints ProAudio Italia s.r.l. as distributor

For Immediate Release: 2nd July 2007

AMR is pleased to announce the formal appointment of ProAudio Italia s.r.l.* as the official distributor in Italy for Abbingdon Music Research products.

*ProAudio Italia s.r.l.
Via Domenico Cirillo 2 - 70022
Altamura (BA)
Tel: +39 080 314.32.24
Fax: +39 080 311.87.48

20th June 2007

Abbingdon Music Research at the High End Show Munich 2007 - Report

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) launched its CD-77, AM-77 and LS-77 in Germany with its distributor for Germany, Fast Audio, in Room D220 at the M.O.C. For those not so familiar, this Show is organised by the High-End Society (Germany's High End Manufacturer, Distributor and Retailer Association) and is widely considered the most important and largest audio show in the European audio calendar.

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20th June 2007

CD-77 - The Stereo Times 2007 Most Wanted Components Award

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77 at Stereotimes Most Wanted Components

26th March 2007

Srajan Ebaen of reviews AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor and awards the prestigeous Blue Moon Award to the CD-77.

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77 review at

23rd March 2007
Press Release

AMR appoints Transient Design as AMR's Skandinavian distributor

For Immediate Release: 23rd March 2007

AMR is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Transient Design* as the official distributor in Skandinavia for Abbingdon Music Research products.

*Transient Design KB
SE-441 92 Alingsas
Mob: +46 (0) 736-282595
Ph: +46 (0) 322 18805
24th January 2007
Press Release

AMR appoints Avatar Acoustics as AMR's Canadian distributor

For Immediate Release: 24th January 2007

Following a successful joint exhibit at this years CES in Las Vegas AMR is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Avatar Acoustics* as the official distributor in Canada for Abbingdon Music Research products.

*Avatar Acoustics
Darren Consul
Avatar Acoustics
13401 SW 96th Ave
Miami, FL 33176
Ph: 305-608-6079
Fax: 305-232-8310

24th January 2007

Abbingdon Music Research at the Sands - The 2007 CES

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" seems to be the new official motto of Las Vegas. This was not at all applied to AMR's exhibit at this year's, the 40th Anniversary CES. Accepting an invitation from AMR's US distributor; Avatar Acoustics, AMR launched the AM-77 Dual Mono Pre-The Venetian Hotel & Sands Conference Center Complex Main Amplifier, the CD-77 Compact Disk Processor and the LS-77 Maxi Monitor Loudspeakers in the Bassano Suite 2710 of the Venetian Hotel.

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24th November 2006

Abbingdon Music Research at the VAD Show 2006

AMR, following its well-received launch at the London HiFi News show, continued to gather momentum as it exhibited at the VAD Show over the weekend of 21-22 October 2006. Exhibiting in the Daluso (AMR's Benelux distributor) room, AMR was joined by Remiyo/Harmonix and Daluso's range of speakers..

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18th November 2006
Press Release

AMR at the Sands
AMR will be attending the CES in Las Vegas from January 8-11th

For Immediate Release: 18th November 2006

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) wishes to announce that AMR will be attending the worlds premier Consumer Electronics Show, the CES from January 8-11th courtesy of Avatar Acoustics.

18th November 2006
Press Release

Feedback Audio becomes AMR's distributor for Australia and New Zealand

For Immediate Release: 18th November 2006

Chris from Feedback Audio wrote to us: "I have a friend who has just returned from the UK.He went to the show and said CHRIS YOU MUST IMPORT THIS PRODUCT!!!!.". As a result AMR is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Feedback Audio* as the official AMR distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

*Feedback Audio
R D 1
Nelson 7001
New Zealand
Phone: 03 544 9985

18th November 2006: for further enquiries, please contact:

Vincent Luke
Director of Markets


18th November 2006
Press Release

AMR appoints Avatar Acoustics as AMR's US distributor

For Immediate Release: 18th November 2006

AMR wishes to announce the formal appointment of Avatar Acoustics* as the official distributor in the United States of America for Abbingdon Music Research products.

Avatar Acoustics Director Darren Censullo commented: "...your product is unlike any of the other products that I handle in the sense that it exudes a quality for the dollar that's off the chart.".

*Avatar Acoustics
Darren Censullo
Avatar Acoustics
13401 SW 96th Ave
Miami, FL 33176
Ph: 305-608-6079
Fax: 305-232-8310

18th November 2006: for further enquiries, please contact:

Vincent Luke
Director of Markets


10th October 2006

Abbingdon Music Research at the Hi-Fi News Show 2006

This year saw the 24TH annual Heathrow HiFi Show organised under the auspices of the HiFi News Magazine, which itself celebrated being in print for the last 50 years. AMR chose this Show to introduce it's products to the general public, as well as to Dealers and the industry in general.

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5th October 2006
Press Release

AMR appoints Musical Connection S.L. as Distributor for Spain and Portugal

For Immediate Release: 5th October 2006

AMR is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Musical Connection S.L.* as the official distributor for Abbingdon Music Research products in Spain and Portugal.

*Musical Connection S.L.
Telephone: 34 93 759 69 18
Mobile 34 660 99 19 09

5th October 2006: for further enquiries, please contact:

Vincent Luke
Director of Markets


29th September 2006
AMR to participate at the VAD Show Hi-Fi & Home Cinema, 21st - 22nd October 2006

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) is pleased to announce its attendance at the upcoming VAD Show Hi-Fi & Home Cinema at the Koenigshof, Veldhoven, The Netherlands in cooperation with AMR's Benelux Distributor Daluso. The show will run from 21st to 22nd October 2006.

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28th September 2006
Press Release

AMR appoints Daluso as Distributor in the Benelux countries

For Immediate Release: 28th September 2006

AMR is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Daluso* as the official distributor for Abbingdon Music Research products in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Speaking at the HiFi News Show, Director – Markets, Vincent Luke said "AMR is very pleased to welcome Daluso into its family of distributors. Daluso has a strong reputation with very high-end brands and AMR is more than pleased to join Daluso's portfolio."

Daluso will formally launch the AMR System of CD-77, AM-77 and LS-77 at the VAD Show (21st to 22nd October) at the Koenigshof, Veldhoven, Netherlands.

The Netherlands
Telephone/Fax +31 475483217

28th September 2006: for further enquiries, please contact:

Vincent Luke
Director of Markets

29th August 2006
Features and Sound Quality

From the hegemony of technical fads...

In the latter half of the 20th Century, the rise of the marketing department at many an audio company led to our being told that we absolutely needed and had to have amplifiers with triode valves; then tetrode valves; then with transistors; then with mosfets or bipolar outputs.

Recently, having come a complete full circle, we are once again, told we need triode valves; as long as they were single-ended and put out no more than two watts. (note: your author is not disapproving any of these features, merely stating them).

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  14th August 2006

Srajan Ebaen of previews AMR's AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifier and CD-77 Compact Disk Processor.

Abbingdon Music Research AM-77 & CD-77 at
3rd August 2006

Press Release

AMR to participate at the Hi-Fi News Show, 22nd- 24th September 2006

For Immediate Release: 3rd August 2006

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) is pleased to announce its attendance at the upcoming Hi-Fi News Show at the Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow. The show will run from 22nd to 24th September 2006.

AMR's demonstration suite is located in room 1007 on the 1st floor of the Renaissance Hotel. There will also be an AMR information stand in the lobby of the hotel.

3rd August 2006: for further enquiries, please contact:

Vincent Luke
Director of Markets

10th July 2006
Press Release

Official launch of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR), and the AM-77 Reference Class Dual-Mono Amplifier and CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor

For Immediate Release: 10th July 2006

AMR would like to announce the formal launch of the company to the general public. The AMR design team led by Mr. Thorsten Loesch, has been testing and developing audio products since 2001.

Along with its formal launch, AMR is proud to introduce its inaugural flagship products: the AM-77 Reference Class Dual-Mono Amplifier and CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor. These statement components are the result of five years of meticulous product research and development.

10th July 2006: for further enquiries, please contact:

Vincent Luke
Director of Markets


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