LS-77 Reference Class Professional Monitor
The LS-77 does not sing, it soars: with a bewitching and true, full dynamic range that is free from colouration, AMR’s professional monitor is able to:

"Stir the listener into orchestrating to the grandest classical overture or shedding a tear at the end of an Operatic piece."

The LS-77 boasts a substantial Magnesium-Aluminium alloy cabinet, custom-made isoplannar tweeter and material-matched proprietary 10” driver.

Coupled with AMR's acoustically-inert epoxy-formed cherry plywood crossover, which is comprised of AMR’s copper foil inductors and film foil capacitors terminated with the highest grade, dedicated Teflon signal wiring, the discerning listener will be taken aback by the workmanship and attention to detail in every aspect which is unheard of in speakers at any price.

The LS-77 Professional Monitor is the antithesis as it maintains the timeless tradition that characterises engaging and enduring “classic” speakers: to make vibrant, enticing and real music: to immerse the listener into the full emotion of the original, live event.


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