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HiFi+: LS-77 Review by Paul Messenger
AMR AM777 CD777

One of the most distinguished reviewers in the U.K. press, Mr Paul Messenger had some very complimentary things to say about the LS-77s: "Both the bass and treble extremes work very well, but the midband is the most important bit. Here the LS-77 demonstrates seamless transition from one driver to the other, exceptional overall coherence, and very superior stereo imaging, so much so that the steep slope filters used in the crossover seem to be entirely positive, while their inevitable complexity didn’t seem to be any impediment to the sound quality."...."Though certainly costly, it’s also quite discreet and very elegant.

Good set-up flexibility and a fine ability to distinguish between the various components and accessories with which it is used suggests its Reference Class Professional Monitor tag is entirely appropriate." We would like to formally thank Mr Messenger and HiFi+ for such an insightful and wonderful audition of the LS-77.

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System of the Month
In the CIS's Stereo & Video magazine, the AMR 77 System is awarded the system of the month award - with very nice compliments bestowed upon the AM-77 Pre-Main amplifier and LS-77 Professional Monitors.

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April 2009 Dagogo USA - LS-77 Review by Chris Redmond
AMR was bowled over by the fabulous LS-77 review penned by Chris Redmond from Dagogo.

The reviewer hit the nail on the head when he commented that: "You really do have to forget about the whole floorstander/standmounter debate with the LS-77s and just consider them as full-range."

This is the compliment that every reference class monitor design strives to attain.

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