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The main features of the AMR Gold Fuse are:
  1. Ceramic body: anti-resonant, to eliminate microphonic issues. The traditional glass body will resonate and impart its own undesirable sonic/visual signature on the audio or visual system.
  2. High-Grade silver alloy wire: eliminate microphonic issues, low inductance and reduced power degradation issues, non-spiral design. AMR likens the degradation to using a low-cost volume control found in many CD players and amplifiers which with its carbon/steel contacts will significantly spoil the delicate signal that passes through. A fuse wire made from silver alloy was found to be the most effective at preserving the mains electricity.
  3. Special Non-Magnetic, Gold-plated, copper end-caps: best electrical transfer and over time, gold will not oxidise like silver, hence maximum long-term reliability. The end caps are copper, the highest quality material to use for end-caps. It is worth noting that pure silver is too soft for this application and will oxidise over time which further degrades the sound quality. Therefore, gold-plated copper end-caps are the most reliable and best performing.
  4. Multi-pack, unrivalled performance and system impact. Many audio/visual components comprise of more than one fuse in the mains electrical chain. With 3 fuses per pack, at least one component, if not more, may enjoy the benefit of the AMR Gold Fuse. At the world-wide recommended retail price, the performance-to-price ratio is simply, unsurpassed, which is the attribute of AMR products.

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