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April 2010
AMR CD-77 review by Stereo Video and MultiMedia of CIS/UKR
Mr Nikolay Mikheyev, the reviewer remarked:

"Impressive design, this is a "Museum" package"
"Specifically the sound of "British" machines – is liveliness, as well as focus on details and their harmonious combination and an excellent transfer of nuances."
"The broad bandwidth and tonal accuracy of sound the CD-77 is perfect: from the bottom to the top - no coloration, protrusions, such as romance. The low frequency performance of this "battleship" is just the tops."

Many thanks Mr Mikheyev.

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April 2010

Audio Technique from Hong Kong was certainly impressed by not only the sound, but also the build quality of the CD-77:
"AMR's philosophy is one of no compromise. The titanium colour is modern and is the first suggestion that advanced technology lies beneath. There is a large acrylic front panel that resembles a pair of dark shades behind which the LCD is located. Even the front buttons are touch-sensitive. The overall look and feel is undoubtedly one of serious technology at work."

"It designs and builds products from the heart - as indicated by the extremes to which they go. The remote control is hewn from solid aluminium, not too heavy and not too light, with a nice solid feel about it when it is held in the palm of the hand."

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September 2009
The Perfect Read
28 September 2009

The review succinctly summarised the unqiue sound of the CD-77:

"After spending time with the AMR CD-77, any concerns that there are any flaws in this machine are dispelled and we quickly come to one conclusion - without doubt this CD player reproduces music in a most realistic way."

"This is an extremely elegant and noble machine. It is not a Ferrari, but a Bentley!"

"This is music in its purest form of bit correct analogue reproduction! It is these associations that bring to our mind, vinyl."

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July 2009

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77

7th of July 2009 (first published March 2009 in Image HiFi)

"Not simply just another High-End player, but the digital machine. From now on, the yardstick rests higher."

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April 2009
High-End (Slovakia) Show Report 2009

High-End (Slovakia) CD-77 Review February 2009


"Excellent player with special sound quality derived from using electron valves. This means - excellent musicality, three-dimensionality and analogue sound reminiscent of a phonograph."

We are pleased to hear yet another reviewer likens the CD-77 sound quality to vinyl, which to us, is the best compliment possible for digital playback.

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10th of February 2009
February 2009 Dagogo USA - CD-77 Review by Chris Redmond
"The íshoot outí was over before it had even begun, ... the valve output, filterless (analogue and digital) CD-77 is clearly better than the modified CD7, which in itself was the best implementation of the Philips TDA1541 double crown using solid-state output and conventional filters Iíve heard and probably the best solid-state output digital source Iíve heard, period."

17th of October 2008

CD-77 - 2008 High Fidelity Poland - Review by Wojciech Pacula

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77: Mr. Wojciech Pacula wrote:

"..some elements of the sound are so good, that they surpassed the best ... I ever heard..."

" need really an expensive analog source ... to better the AMR player in terms of presenting timbre, naturalness of the sound, etc..."

"...if somebody loves vinyl ... the CD-77 is the best proposition I know, because it offers the timbre of music close to a good analog source."

Read the review here in English

Read the review here in Polish

10th of October 2008

CD-77 - 2008 Music Emotion NL - Review by Jo Mullers
Abbingdon Music Research CD-77: Jo Mullers writes:

"De sound is eindelijk met recht analoog of in andere woorden vinylgeorienteerd te noemen."

"Hij is goed gebouwd met echte top onderdelen en dan valt de prijs best mee.
Een high-end speler voor de prijs van een dure middenklasser."

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July 2008 Stereotimes USA - CD-77 Review by Frank Peraino

"Let me cut to the chase - the AMR CD-77 just flat out knocked my socks off!!" ... "The AMRís most impressive attribute is the sonic portrait it paints as a whole Ė a 'whole' greater than the sum of its impressive parts." ... "Considering its competition, the AMR is as close to an audio Ďstealí as you can get." ... "The more I tried to concentrate on the sound, the more I found myself unable to do anything but tap my foot, sing along and play air guitar! To put it succinctly, for what I was commissioned to do (critically analyze it), it was a reviewerís nightmare and a music loverís dream. So I did what any music lover would do - I purchased it!" ...

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June 2008 Sweden - CD-77 Review by Mr. Rannagarden

"Den arbetade med rumsinformation som en riktigt imponerande illusionist och fixade gunget for en hel konsert."

"Den imponerade pamig ljudmassigt och ar konstruktionsmassigt en riktig karamell."

"Lugn bara lugn, Dr Rannagarden har smakat medicinen. Jag kan tveklost rekommendera en lyssning pa AMR CD77."

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CD-77 - 2008 HiFi+ UK - Review by Roy Gregory

"Line this up alongside the vast majority of €10K Audiophile players and it makes them look cheap, in some cases downright shoddy..."

"This impressive players steps straight into the slot ... as the new benchmark for serious high-end performance."

" ... the sound of this player is engagingly lively, pacey and substantial. ... Itís this ability to rise to meet the qualities in a performance, to match the scale and drama that makes the AMR so special, elevating it into exclusive company indeed."

"Whether itís a stretched out, bluesy jazz line, slashing guitar heroics or a beautifully turned orchestral phrase, this player allows the music to deliver, allowing you to relax and enjoy it."

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October 2007 - HiFi Choice - The Collection Issue (UK) reviews AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor

Jason Kennedy writes about the CD-77:

"The CD-77 is one of the most dynamic and engaging players we have come across regardless of price."

"There is just good, plain ... transparency that makes for music that is almost impossible to switch off."

"Next to our reference ... the AMR makes the more beguiling sound and ... we'd certainly hang on to it if we could."

Read the complete review here (2MB PDF). reviews AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77 review at

Srajan Ebaen writes:

"... build quality is sans pareil ..."

"... this could be the current player to beat, especially because the very real benefits of the filterless Kusonoki approach have been wedded to excellent bass weight and improved treble reach."

"You get the organic, warm, 'analog' flavors ... as well as superior dynamics and bandwidth linearity ..."



CD-77 - The Stereo Times 2007 Most Wanted Components Award

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77: "Simply put, this player produces music with an uncanny sense of naturalness and a wealth of openness, detail and incredible bandwidth. Review to come.

[Key Kim]"

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