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December 2011
Esteemed reviewer Keith Howard of HiFi News wrote of the CD-777, “It’s a fine CD player and an even better sounding DAC.” We are pleased to find a reviewer give the DAC as much of a work out as the CD section.

June 2011
CD Player Abbingdon Music Research CD-777
Poland is famed for its rich history of classical music. Hence it was a fitting venue to audition the CD-777. Poland's Audio and Video wrote, "Values of spatial and naturalness of communication make it easy to migrate you to the ambience of the concert hall, especially in that this AMR machine does not lack dynamics." The CD-777 was award Category A; 5 out of 5 stars which is now the expectation by our customers.

February 2011
CD-777 Review by Audio of Korea

It seems that fellow reviewers on the other side of the world are also becoming enamoured with the musical nature of AMR products.

Appreciating and understanding the subtle approach of AMR and its product design, Audio magazine from Korea keenly observed, "Nevertheless, the CD-777 seems to be the result of quite extensive technological research and know-how."

Hot on the heels of reporting positive findings with the AMR Gold Music Fuses, Audio magazine commented, "It is clear to me: a hero is born. The CD-777 is a product that will say once and for all something truly definitive, settling all the ongoing debates in the CD-player market, which is crowded, volatile, and, for many manufacturers, miserable to be is heaven brought down on earth."

We would like to thank Mr Kim and his team at Sonoris (AMR: Korea) for arranging such a pleasant, thorough and enjoyable review of the CD-777.

December 2010
Haute Fidelite finds the AM-777 and CD-777 Haute Couture
AMR AM777 CD777
Haute Fideliete's Dominique Mafrand found the 777 to be "...a truly unique system that makes music in the truest sense of the word 'delicious'". Watch this space for the English translation to follow in the coming weeks.

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October 2010
Flexible Valve CDP
CD-777: HiFi Critic - Recommended Component Mr Martin Colloms concluded of the CD-777, "The designers have clearly done their homework, and this well finished and clever player offers high performance with very good versatility and compatibility...I liked it a lot and find it easy to recommend."

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September 2010
Music Emotion
Mr Jo Mullers, one of the most well-respected and experienced audio reviewers in the Netherlands fell in love with the CD-777 and AM-777 combination. We found this review in 'Music Emotion' to be suitably apt given this is the AMR DNA.

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August 2010
Adventures in High Fidelity Audio
Adventures in HiFi are the latest to pen a very complimentary review of the AMR CD-777. Even the transport and DAC aspects of the CD-777 were tested in this review.

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April 2010
CD-777 Review by Stereo Video & Multimedia
Stereo Video & MultiMedia from the CIS wrote this very nice synopsis of the AMR CD-777:
"The AMR CD-777 has an amazing tonal accuracy and keeps pace with changes in the pace of the sound. But at the same time, it is not devoid of emotion, this is a key characteristic of any equipment wishing to be considered a "thoroughbred" in this category which the CD-777 has certainly stated its credentials."

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March 2010
AMR CD-777 review by HiFi Choice
HFC332HiFi Choice summed up the CD-777's impressive construction "Among the cherry-picked components inside the casework are hand-made transformers in the power supply and NOS valves called 6H1N-EV in the analogue stage. Even the transport is custom built, using a high-torque motor, Sony K-Series laser pick-up and a Philips CD-18 servo system...By using aircraft-grade aluminium to build the CD-777 casework, AMR has produced a stunning piece of kit. It's enhanced by windows that let you see the electronics within (including the glow of the valves), while letting the heat out. "

Most important of all is the sonic performance which HiFi Choice gave a full 5 out of 5 stars and said "...This is one of the most natural-sounding digital sources I have heard in ages, it is tonally delightful and that's not something you often read about a CD player."

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March 2010
AMR CD-777 Review
By 6moons' Srajan Ebaen, "The general audio trend continues to pursue more apparent detail. Movies and advertising too go after flashier shock values to romance shortened attention spans and desensitized senses. Against such a zeitgeist, the CD-777 embodies a bit of nostalgia for slower times. Progressive upsampling can turn it edgier if desired but this nearly defeats the entire project brief. This machine wasn't intended to sound like all the others." We are pleased to hear Srajan confirm that the CD-777 is more "analogue" than "hifi" which is music to our ears.

"If so, the triple seven would in fact be closer to my old Zanden memories than the double seven was. For 3.500, that'd be one helluva achievement."

Fellow 6moons correspondent, Edgar Kramer also commented: "Its surprising how much performance they managed to extract from the CD-777 when compared to the CD-77."

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January 2010
AMR CD-777 Review
The world's first review of the CD-777 by HiFi Music certainly landed with a bang: "The AMR CD-777 is a digital player rich in technology, which has been designed and built almost to the same level as the company's flagship CD-77. After spending some time with the CD-777, I can testify with absolute sincerity, that this player is pretty hard to beat. For one who is looking for a digital player, the CD-777 is more than just a CD player, with excellent musical reproduction of tonal colors at all frequencies and a subtle hint of warmth, it certainly deserves an audition."

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