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System of the Month
In the CIS's Stereo & Video magazine, the AMR 77 System is awarded the system of the month award - with very nice compliments bestowed upon the AM-77 Pre-Main amplifier and LS-77 Professional Monitors.

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August 2008 Dagogo USA - AM-77 Review by Chris Redmond
"had I heard the AM-77 before hearing the Audio Note Quest Silvers and later purchasing the Border Patrol, I may well have ended up buying the AMR"

“…providing an owner with a taste of the high-end and a sip of single-ended triode magic...".

November 2007 - HiFi Choice (UK) reviews AMR's AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifier, the AM-77 receives the

prestigious "Editor's Choice" Award.

Jason Kennedy writes about the AM-77:
"It handles speed and dynamics without any edginess or glare, to such an extent that one is left in no doubt about the valve factor."

"The AM-77 can drive a pair of B&W 802Ds to truly entertaining levels."

"If there's acoustic space in the signal the AM-77 will be sure to make the most of it."

Read the complete review at the Website. previews AMR's AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifier

Abbingdon Music Research AM-77 review at

Srajan Ebaen writes:

"It suggested that the SET ambitions for the integrated amp would be likewise rooted in demonstrability and not mere propaganda."

"As the innards show, parts density is high, assembly impressive and copper lining generous."

"…zero listener fatigue, sonic voluptuousness and properly scaling macrodynamics..."

Srajan Ebaen of previews AMR's AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifier and CD-77 Compact Disk Processor.

Abbingdon Music Research AM-77 & CD-77 at


AM-77 - November 2007 HiFi Choice - Editor's Choice Award

Abbingdon Music Research AM-77: "AMR is a company with capability and vision and this shows in the design and performance of the AM-77 - its a thrilling amplifier that brings you the dynamics of valves with the power of transistors in a substantial but well-featured design."


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