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December 2011

Well-known vinyl lover Tony Bolton of HiFi World penned a very complimentary review of the AM-777 Premier Class Pre-Main amplifier. The AM-777’s character was neatly summarised by his narrative…”it didn’t try to force the listener to take notice, but laid the music out on display, then seemed to step back and let the tunes speaker for themselves.”

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February 2011
AM-777 review by HiFi Club from Korea

We can see that in Korea, music lovers are also taken by the AMR sound as illustrated by the AM-777:

"The consumer retail price is 5.5 million won which contrasts with the fact that this is a one in ten thousand amplifier. Since this is not a common and easily-made product, it is a little bit more refined than the other ten thousand amplifiers and is one for the heart. In particular, the amplifier's charming vocals and delicate musical tapestry is unfound at this price level. Using our Korean analogy, it is like trying to find the ideal porridge and I think I have found it."

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December 2010
Haute Fidelite finds the AM-777 and CD-777 Haute Couture
AMR AM777 CD777
Haute Fideliete's Dominique Mafrand found the 777 to be "...a truly unique system that makes music in the truest sense of the word 'delicious'". Watch this space for the English translation to follow in the coming weeks.

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September 2010
Music Emotion
Mr Jo Mullers, one of the most well-respected and experienced audio reviewers in the Netherlands fell in love with the CD-777 and AM-777 combination. We found this review in 'Music Emotion' to be suitably apt given this is the AMR DNA.

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